Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Random OLD Survey!!!

Phew~Just had a tough weekend. Friday night till last night I was rushing to finish my translation work. I think I'm a superwoman ler, I finished a total of 13 translation articles in 3 days time. And that, also minus Saturday where I had to help up Voice Media at their Roadshow. Didn't have enough of sleep, even till today... And I'm officially changing my name to Panda Bao because of the panda eyes I have.
A bit of a update... My colleagues are all gone... We only had three writers here, but one of them left, one of them got fired. So I'm the only one left. Yesterday even my boss took MC and I was alone in the office... So I was actually quite bored and sleepy yesterday.
And so I decided to go to my Multiply site to have a look at my older blog posts, mostly of my life back in Perth lar. And I noticed my posts then was so much more longer! And I have so much to crap about! And The most important thing is, I was actually more creative in my writing as compared to now!!! Aaaarrrrhhhh... Being a working person really kills all my bloody creativity!!! I want all my creativity back, bloody hell!!!
Anywayz, I found this survery that I loved and I still love. It's probably one of the best survery I've seen. Okay, so this is what I answered in March 2006... (*Yellow words are notes that I've just added in)
10 Things you might not know about me:
1)I am very afraid of an insect that I wouldn't wanna tell you here cos you'll scare me with it! No way mate! (I supposed you know which insect is that by now)
2)I was chased by a dog when I was a kid and am a little bit afraid of dogs.
3)I bang a motorbike after one month getting my P lisence and got phobia of driving, never drive since then.
4)I can speak broken Japanese.
5)I'm actually mixed-blooded, Teochew mixed Hokkien.Hahaha... (Wahahaha... See how creative I can be?)
6)I can eat a lot! A LOT! (Not anymore now... Old already...)
7)The only foods I don't really like are pumpkin, yam,salted fish and durian, but I still eat them sometimes... (No, seriously, I can't eat salted fish!!!)
8)I prefer Indian than Chinese guys, and I love guys with chest hair... (Not anymore now...)
9)(But) the man I love the most in the whole world is my dad!
10)I had a huge crush on Jacky Cheung when I was younger, and always dreamt of singing a duet with him!

9 Places I've visited:
9)Melbourne soon...

8 Ways to win my heart:
1)Eat the dinner I cook and wash the dishes for me after that. :p
2)Tell me that you have some free tickets for me to the World Cup or Olympics Games!
3)Tell me great jokes.
4)Praise me...
5)Give me some money now that I'm half broke because of my Melbourne trip. (I think now you have to give me not 'some' money but 'a lot')
6)Give me a hug whenever I need it!
7)Bring me to Karaoke!
8)Be friendly.

7 Things I want to do before I die:
1)To watch a World Cup or Olympic Games live!
2)Becoming a TV host.
3)Try Bungee Jump.
4)Go to the La Tomatina(the tomato festival) in Bunol, Spain.
5)To publish a book.
6)Become an influencial person, like Oprah Winfrey.
7)Get married. (This one must change)

6 Things I am afraid of:
1)Losing a loved one to death.
2)Falling down from a stairs, again. (Phobia, phobia...)
3)The insect as mentioned above. (Yea, it's the bloody lizard lar, what else?)
4)Getting fat.
5)Seeing some of my favourite sportsmen retire. (This is funny...)
6)Getting a bad result in my studies. (Not a worry anymore...)

5 Things I don't like:
1)People who thought they are good in everything, kiasu! (Wahaha.... English grammar mistake!)
2)People who are big mouth.
3)People who look down on me.
5)Guys who cheat on girl, you guys suck! (Ohyea! That's definitely CORRECT! CORRECT! CORRECT!)

4 Ways to Turn me Off:
1)Be dirty.
2)Tell me that you're good in everything.
3)Accuse me for doing something I didn't do.
4)Criticize my idols. (I love criticizing yours!)

3 Things I do every day:
1)Go online.

2 Things that make me happy:
1)I get happy very easily actually, so there are too many ways to make me happy. (I'm going to change this...)

1 Thing on my mind right now:
1)Damn it! I'm so late for my Japanese class and I'm still here doing this!!!

I will delete everything and... And then here's how I answer them in October 2008...
10 Things you might not know about me:
1)I so bloooody want my blog to be FAMOUS!!!
2)I so bloooody want to be FAMOUS!!!
3)Yea I don't dare to drive although I have a driving license. Reason as above.
4)And yes, I can speak, read and write Japanese, but they are all broken ones... The best thing I can say is..."dai gak ku no to ki, ni hon go ga ben guo shi masu. de mo, yi ma wa, wa su le ta!"
5)I'm not fussy in food, I eat ALMOST everything.
6)I wouldn't mind if I don't step into a marriage...
7)Even if I do, I prefer NOT to have children.
9)I overslept, so I didn't take shower this morning...
10)Gosh, I'm having such a tough time to think of 10 answers for this question!!!

9 Places I've visited:

8 Ways to win my heart:
1)At least act like you're naive.
2)Do not think that I'm very open-minded.
3)Tell me you love my character, and NOT my breast, my butt or whatever.
4)You love food too, and would bring me to places to have good food, no matter how far it is.
5)Agree with me that Xiao Ma is cute and is good in whatever he does.
6)Be HONEST to me!
7)Looks cute.
8)Be rich.

7 Things I want to do before I die:
1)Yes, still, I want to watch the Olympic Games or World Cup live at the stadium for at least once!
2)And yes, I still want to take part in the La Tomatina!
3)To see my blog get really famous.
4)Become famous, wakakakaka...
5)To visit Taiwan, Japan, Mexico and Mauritius (Note:the list of countries might increase in the future)
6)Become a millionaire (Can come true or not???)
7)To reach at least 48kg... Ya know what I'm talking about.... Kekekekeke...

6 Things I am afraid of:
1)Losing a loved one to death.
2)Get hospitalized again.... No, no, no way!!!
3)Getting FAT!!!
4)Money no enough!
5)Lizards, bloody annoying animal....Grrrrrhhhh...
6)Looking old, ok... Not getting old. There is a difference okay?

5 Things I don't like:
1)My baobao face.
2)My baobao body.
3)DANIEL TANG CHENG KET. Wait, he is not my ex or what ok, he is my landlord, my BLOODY STUPID, USELESS, BAD landlord.
4)Kuala Lumpur.
5)Guys who cheat on girls, you guys STILL suck!!!

4 Ways to Turn me Off:
2)Go sing K with me and hold the mic and sing FOREVER.
3)Be full of yourself!
4)Accuse me for something I didn't do.

3 Things I do every day:

2 Things that make me happy:
2)Seeing Xiao Ma with good performance! :)

1 Thing on my mind right now:
Erm... I really really don't know what to eat for lunch!!! Help me!!!

Well, I think I did changed a lot in 2 years time, right???

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