Saturday, October 18, 2008

Shogun Japanese Buffet

I still cannot believe and cannot accept it! How could someone actually sleep till 6 something in the evening??? My goodness, Ducum Tan, how are you going to survive your life when you start working???
I've been waiting for the photos to do this post for one whole day just because they are all in Ducum's camera, and she is slowly transferring them, and I'm still waiting for them as I typed this first two paragraph... Aaaarrrrhhh...
So, yesterday was Ducum's friend, Nicole's birthday (yes, same day as 马小千!生日快乐哦马小千!). I joined their birthday dinner just because it was at Shogun!!! Shogun!!! It's Japanese buffet!!! I've never tried Japanese buffet before, and earlier in my birthday wish list, to have a Japanese buffet was one of the things in the list. It's just funny I got my birthday wish comes true on other people's birthday.Shirlexia Posing at Shogun Sunway Pyramid.
First of all... I'm not very syok with the fact that they don't allow us to take pictures of their food lor. I'm just a blogger trying to promote your restaurant ler! Oh well, I'm not gonna listen to you anywayz, and also, I got nothing much of good things to talk about your restaurant lor...
Sigh... Sigh... How come my first Japanese buffet experience had to be so miserable???
I of course enjoyed the salmon sashimi the most. I ate so so so much of salmon that I think I don't want to eat anymore for the next few months! Hahaha... Maybe not, How can I resist salmon??? Yum yum!!! Salmon, Salmon, Salmon, ain't it yummy, in our lovely world!
Ducum was THAT excited to have the whole bunch of salmon!
And obviously, I was too! Look how enjoyed I was?
The salmon, oyster and octopus are quite good.
Shirlexia loves taking picture with her food, no doubt about it!
The other one thing that I love the most in Japanese cuisine is edamame. I was sooooo excited to see them there and I got the whole plate of them! But... They are a bit too hard lor...Wohohoho... I can have as many edamame as I want!!! Oh yes~!
I think Shogun is not as Japanese as I wish it should be. They serve some 'cha pa lang' kind of food. Look, they have Tom Yam soup, shark fin soup, seafood porridge and other kind of non-Japanese food. And I tried the shark fin soup, it wasn't good at all. We also found their mushroom taste very weird, so another disappointment there. Their Chawanmushi isn't that good too. Although there are the very expensive gingo, but that makes it so weird. The steamboat was... not too bad lar.
Shark fin soup at Shogun, FAILED.Now what I like about the tempura there is that they have so many varieties! Have you heard of tempura kangkong?
Alright, the other thing I like about Shogun is that they have so many different drinks, fruits and dessert! And their ice-cream are yummy!
Ducum's friend Chuan Yee, he laughed at me because I'm a fan of 王传一,WTF?
And then and then... He said my lovely dress looks like some nurse's uniform! WTF?
And the classic one was...
Chuan Yee: Ei, 你是哪一年的?
Me: 我是“噢令”name tag的(中学时期我们不同年级有不同颜色的name tag的)。
Chuan Yee: “噢令”name tag,那你不是很老一下?
Now you understand why I have that face in the picture???
The birthday girl Nicole and the gang of kids.
So... Gone was my first Japanese buffet experience! Guys, if you know any other better Japanese buffet do tell me lor, I want to have a better one!!!

P/S: 昨天终于买了《黑糖群侠传》的写真秘策!!!超开心的!!!尤其是打开来,里面都有很帅的小马!本来在担心会不会别人的比他的多,结果就还好,都很平均!看到平时都没看到的小马耶!帅、可爱、酷!而且最近小马上黑涩会当助教和上棒棒堂的表现都很好,说活进步了!吼,整个超爱他的啦!继续加油哦小马!老虎油!!!木啊~~~!!!


diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...

那个Chuan Yee很不知好歹咯,“噢令”name tag 很老咩!
u heard abt seisaki(i'm not sure with the spelling) b4, it's sister restaurant with shogun. Some of my frens said it is better than shogun.
U can try JAgoya as well, this one thumbs up!!!but it's really expensive, rm100++ per person

ShiRLeXia said...


^_^ said...

Chuan Yee is too straight forward, although it is t-r-u-e!
As senior, you all should give him a chance to apologize

chuanyee said...

i'm so sorry...

ShiRLeXia said...

Foo Chuan Yee!!!
Do you want to apologize or what??? You think I'm stupid ar? I know the two comments were from you!!!