Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Raya Diary

Selamat Hari Raya... Kepada... Da da da da da da da da da~~~Setahun hanya sekali... Da da da da da da da da da da~~~
Oh yeah! It's Hari Raya day! What did you guys do on the first day of raya? Did you go visit your friends at their houses??? Well, I wish Rev is around, so that we can go to Lina's house just to wish her and her family and of course... To EAT!Erm... I'm just showing off the dress I bought long time ago and haven't got chance to wear it until today... AND ALSO MY PAIR OF ROMAN SHOES! LOVE THEM!!!
Lovely mate in KL, Karen!!!
Anywayz, without all the visitings, I've set up a Karaoke date with Karen about weeks ago. So there we went, to 1 Utama, this time to sing K. It was supposed to be a one-day 'date' with her, was expecting dinner together at 1U as well, but Karen needed to go home and take care of some stuffs, so ended up a short 3 hours K session and about 1 hour plus shopping around. I have to thank her for the Karaoke session by the way. She gave me a treat as my birthday present, even though she is actually broke.Ohyeah!!! Guess what song was I singing??? Can you see???
Now that's the main point! We are both broke at the moment. I am really broke and pay will only be in after Raya, probably even later. Someone owes me money for my translation job, and the other someone still owe me money for my mobile DJ job. Sigh... :( And Karen? She let her cousin sister brought her wallet out to 'ta pao' two nights ago and she got robbed! Sad, right? Still, we wanted to go out together and have fun! Well, it was actually quite fun lar, although in the end of the day I still have to spend some money on some stuffs I bought, but I really prefer this than sitting at home on a Raya day! It's a bloody public holiday man! How can you just sit at home???
And then dinner was with another person, who is also broke at the moment--Ducum. And STILL we decided to forget about the fact that we are poor and went to this fancy Italian restaurant for dinner!!!
Simple Western-looking design and deco at Michelangelo's Sunway Pyramid.
Ducum in her Baju Kurung, just becuase it is Hari Raya!
Shirlexia enjoying her Italian food, and was waiting for some cute Italian guys to come up to her... But failed.
Ok lor, no choice, we ordered probably the cheapest dish in the menu, and drank only plain water(oh no, no, no, in this context, it should be 'sky juice') for the meal. And STILL I want to write a review on the food, at Michelangelo's. Phew~ I don't really remember when was the last time I really had spaghetti or pasta or even Pizza! I do not normally go for Western or Italian food since my two-year stay in Perth, getting so sick of Western and Italian food. I guess that was why I decided to have a change today. First of all, you must try their fresh oyster! I'm not a pro in oyster, but to me it was really not bad, and it is only RM 1.90 per piece, not a bad price at all hey! I think the Minestrone soup doesn't really taste that nice. Ducum and I both ordered the Penne. I think they are actually nothing special, I mean, you can cook that yourself easily. But for the big portion they give, it's worth the price. :) Aaaarrrhhh... And I'm bloody full now after the meal!!! And I'm definitely growing fatter lar!!! Aaaarrrhhh...The RM1.90 oyster. Does that makes you think of Mr Bean???
Minestrone soup as starter.
Penne Alfredo, not too bad lor, I especially like the bacon! Yum! Baked Penne, I think this is better than the Alfredo, and it is bloody filling man!
Ok, ok, that's all for now. For the sake of my almost empty wallet and bank account, I've decided to stay at home tomorrow no matter what. So to anybody out there, unless you're paying for whatever I eat or spend outside the house, I'm NOT AVAILABLE tomorrow!
Selamat Hari Raya, once again!!! :)

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