Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mama Mia! is COOL!!!

Before I forget, Selamat Hari Raya to all Malaysians!!! Cheers~~~!!!
Okay, I just came home from such a good movie and I cannot help myself from writing about it although it is already bloody 12 something! Oh well, it's Raya tomorrow, public holiday lar, so chill! Chill! Okay, I watched Mama Mia!, Painted Skin just now, and the Accuracy of Death last week and here are the reviews...
Mama Mia!
Since the day I know this movie is coming, and that I know it's a musical based on Abba's classic songs, I got so excited and can't wait to watch it!!! And my goodness, it is so definitely better than Across The Universe, the movie based on Beatles' classics! First of all, I love the songs!!! I Have a Dream, Mama Mia, Money Money Money, Gimme Gimme Gimme, Dancing Queen and so many more! I was actually singing-along the entire movie! Enjoyed them so so much! And I love the actors! I love Meryl Streep and the 'sexy old men triplets' Pierce Bronson, Colin Firth and Stellan Skarsgard, plus the others, especially the two old ladies who were so damn good in the movie! I think Meryl Streep is simply awesome! She is almost 60 years old and look at the way she acts and sings and dances! She is simply good!!! And I simply admire her!!! Thirdly, I definitely love the location! I found out it was shot in some islands in Greece. It is gorgeous! I also think the story-line was good, it is a perfect story to suit with all the Abba's songs, it's fun and enjoyable, unlike Across The Universe, which was a bit too draggy and was more of a sad movie. Aiya, whatever it is lar, don't think too much, it is definitely a movie worth a watch!
Ohyea, I love the Greek island so much, and the tiny church where Sophie had her wedding at, and also her wedding dress and the hair accessories! IF, I said IF only okay, IF I were to get married, I really wish to have it there and get dress-up like Sophie! :)
The Accuracy of Death a.k.a Sweet Rain
Let me first explain, I DID NOT went for this because of Takeshi Kaneshiro. I just thought it looks like a good movie after watching the preview. Plus, I'm secretly (oh well, not anymore now) a fan of the main actress, Manami Konishi. But, but, but... I must admit that Takeshi looks really cute in the movie! I mean, at least he looks much more better compared to him in all the ancient Chinese movies, okay? Well the story is also quite interesting and very touching. But like Ah Fa said, it's 'slow & steady', so it is solely for those who can take slow but meaningful and 'pretty' movies.
其实这部电影,要不是非常崇中国风的I Rene要看,而且是免费的戏票,我是不会去看的啦!原因当然是我不太喜欢看这些所谓妖怪的东西,没有逻辑啊~!所以故事我是不会说什么的啦。不过我可以告诉你,它并不是什么鬼片或恐怖片哦,那是很“凄美”的爱情故事(好啦,对我来说,并不是那么的凄美啦,我很冷血吼?)。Anywayz,我觉得周迅演得很好,而且我一向都很喜欢她,她真的酷毙了!然后甄子丹从武打星变身谐星感觉很棒耶!!!哈哈,我整个重点都是他,很好笑!而且,他也是另外一个sexy old man,整个是帅呆了啦!!!

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