Friday, February 19, 2010

CNY 2010 Part 1

Didn't take too many pictures this CNY. In fact I think I didn't eat too much too this CNY. Yet, I know I must go back to KL and seriously start a strict diet plan to cut down all the FAT!!!

The Food
Since both my Ah Ma's are getting old, so this time around they didn't cook much and we ended up eating out quite a lot until I also muak already. Now all I want is some VERY SIMPLE HOME COOKED FOOD!!!
Here are the only two big meals I had at home so far...CNY eve dinner... Some dishes were from restaurant outside though...
Had dinner at dear's house on Chu Wu. Very sumptuous one in deed. Mind you, the siu yok is homemade!
I'm extremely glad that I'm getting along quite well with my dear's family. It was a complete surprise actually... In fact, because we eat out a lot these few days, I was thinking another day of outside food I will invite myself to his house for dinner since his mum basically cooks every night, sometimes even every meal in a day! :p

The Fashion
Unlike most of you, I didn't purposely go and hunt for CNY clothes. Reason being I have more than enough of clothes to wear in my wardrobe. In fact some of them are brand new, so I just brought them home to wear during the CNY festival!
So tuck in your safety belt and be ready for my four days of fashion parade~! Woo~Hoo~!
Chu YiThis pink colour dress was my favourite 战利品from my trip to Hong Kong last August. I especially love the details around the collar. And everybody thought I wear another piece of A-line skirt underneath, but it was all attached in one piece! Very cute, right?
Well, most important thing is, it's a FCUK (yea and I mean REAL FCUK, NOT FAKE ONE)! And guess what? It was less than RM100!!! See, that's why I said it's my favourite 战利品! Ribbon belt from 'Lala Land', Sunway Pyramid.

Chu ErCheongsam!!!
FYI, I've been looking for a perfect Cheongsam for years! I wanted a nice one, sleeveless and short Cheongsam. It so happened that that day I saw this cute black with purple flower Cheongsam in Oriental Noble, Sunway Pyramid, and after trying it my dear and I both think it looks perfect on me, so he bought it for me (thanks my dear)! This one is a bit pricy at RM179.

Chu SanIt was a day of friends gathering, so I opted for a more casual dress since I had to stay outside the whole day. This grey cotton dress I bought from Cat Whiskers is really cool! I especially love the slightly padded sleeve and the big hole at the back. I can't remember the price now. Ribbon belt from 'Lala Land', Sunway Pyramid at only RM25.

Chu WuI was back to t-shirt on the fourth day. But I wanted to show-off this lovely piece of dress so much I wore it on the fifth day for our lunch. This flowerish dress is a cheap bargain I got from Sungei Wang at their 'All RM25' shop. I totally think its such a lovely dress, and I especially love the detail between the boobs and waist! Absolutely loving it!

*The pretty pair of shoe is from Vincci and those really cute and fashionable headbands are from Cat Whiskers and Beautiful Disaster. You can find their website links at the sidebar.


Hayley said...

nice clothing.. i should have done a shooting like you did.. lol..

ShiRLeXia said...

Haha, I did that last year too...
So yea just to show-off my clothes. Your cheongsam also very nice!

Lay JinG said...
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Lay JinG said...

ur cheongsam really nice!

and of course u look great! hahaha... u really have good sense in fashion!

ShiRLeXia said...

Thank you thank you~!
No lar, I just have the interest in fashion since I was in secondary school. I actually wanted to study fashion design back then!