Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm impressed with food @ SSL Traders Hotel

New cafes and hotels pop-up like cendawan selepas hujan over the past few years in Taiping. Little might wonder are they going to survive? Well, from what I see, they are doing pretty good, especially during CNY season where we now have more choices to pick from for our gatherings!
After the Cincai Group gathering on the third day of CNY, dear, me, XT and KK went for a second round late afternoon at SSL Traders Hotel located at Jalan Kamunting. I can't recall the name of the cafe, but it's just at the right hand side of the hotel entrance.
I guess after days of Chinese food, I was a bit sick of them already that on that day we had Western food I felt SOOOO BLOODY GOOD! XT had Cabonara Spaghetti.
KK had the green salad, which looks pretty good hey!
I had the Club Sandwiches and dear had his Le Cordon Bleu which are both impressing.
I think their food are really not too bad, if according to Taiping's standard. At least I can see they make food with a heart, they don't simply do something random as your side dish you see. And the price is reasonable too!
So two days later I gave my family a lunch treat over there again just so to let them try! Believe it or not, my parent, even though staying probably less than 2km away from the hotel, haven't try the food here! But to my disappointment, lunch time is buffet time! :( No choice, we tried the lunch buffet. Originally it's RM10 per pax, but it was RM12 because it was CNY. Very boring punya lunch buffet...
Because the dishes are boring I had to snap only the vege soup for you to have a closer look.
That's me with Pa & Mi!
And this is no other than Ducum Tan!
And also... Vivian Tan!
The lunch buffet is boring lar, very Malay style dishes, with limited choices. But hey it's RM12, what else do you want? At least I think the food are edible lar.
After a while I saw people ordering food from the menu! Bloody hell! So I didn't care! I ordered two more dishes to share...My favourite... Club Sandwiches!
The Chicken Chop, I can't remember the full name, it's the first one of the chicken chop list.
Like I said, I love the Club Sandwiches a lot, it has grilled chicken, fried egg and ham in it! Looks really pretty and tasty to eat! And the Chicken Chop was very good too! And I love their vege sides!
I'm totally impressed with the food here actually. If you are craving for some Western food when you're in Taiping, you might want to give this cafe a try! But of course, you will have to bare with the fact that there are flies all over... :S
By the way, so far I've also heard loads of praises for their Bistro at the back of the hotel. You might want to check that out too.

Bonus pic:My mum wanted to go to the loo during our lunch. She walked to this entrance and came back laughing by herself. We were like...==||| And she couldn't even tell us what happen she just laughed and we all started laughing too! After a while she started to talk:"Restroom is toilet ah?" And then we all laughed like crazy! My dad was like:"What, you think Restroom is for you to rest?" And then somemore hor, she can continue saying:"Why don't they just put 'toilet' there?"
Hahahahahahaha... My blur blur yet funny mum! :p
Now everybody, go tell your mum RESTROOM=TOILET! LOL!


Hayley said...

But ho, the chinese restaurant ar, their service is getting worse.. many people actually complained their slow service.. especially when there're alot of customers.. i faced once before. we waited for our dishes to come for 1 hour+ =_="
if the kitchen is lacking of staffs, at least inform the guests first ma...

ShiRLeXia said...

Oh yea I heard about that too! What a waste huh?