Monday, February 1, 2010

I just came back from France and Japan!

Warning: This is a bloody long blog post, so if you're currently busy with something else, you might wanna skip this for now... Until you're free, please do come back to see this! :)

Do you actually believe what I said in my title?
Well I cheated. Obviously!
My dear and I actually just came back from Berjaya Hills Resort, Colmar Tropicale, which is also known as the Malaysian French Village. Strangely, few kilometers away, there is the Japanese Tea House! But isn't France in Europe and Japan in Asia???
Anywayz, I have whole loads of pictures taken over there, so I'm going to crap lesser and let the pictures say the words...

Colmar TropicaleHere we are~! Ho~Ho~Ho~!
Despite the fact that we were trapped in the bloody hell long traffic jam at Batu Caves(no thanks to those people who simply parked and double-parked on a highway, ish!), we arrived earlier and checked into the room earlier. We got the room at RM308, a promotion price we got from their website. The room is quite big and quite worthy of the price I guess, although I hope they have hair dryer and laundry bags in the room.Pretty big and nice room...

After some rest, we went out to start exploring the place. So we were actually staying at the French Village itself. And as we stepped out you can see the so called 'street' with some cafes and restaurants. It's actually very cute to see all these buildings. And since it's located on top of a hill, it's pretty cooling over there! Love it~! :DPretty amazing, isn't it? Taken from a tower.
One with my dear...
One of me, trying to be cute~! LOL!
One of dear, trying to be funny~! *come on, laugh a bit lar!*
Like you're really on the street in France.
So matching with my dress lar~!
I'm cooler, isn't it? :p
I like this picture very much! Hahahaha...
Toilettef, sir???
Oh dear, I want the one with the pumpkin, not this one!
Posing in front of the whole Colmar Tropicale...
Ta da~(losing ideas for caption already...)
My dear's favourite picture...
Look at the back! I was so excited when I first arrived and saw the colourful buildings!
I had loads of fun camwhoring over there, so excuse me for all the pretty pictures of me! :p

Japanese Tea House
And then we took the free shuttle to the Japanese Tea House and Botanical Garden, which are located next to each other. The journey with the shuttle was quite interesting, a bit like how we go up Maxwell Hill on the jeep. The Japanese Tea House is surrounded with all these tropical trees with their names on them, which I believe you are not interested with, just like me... You have to walk a bit up to see the Tea House, the bloody expensive Spa and Massage Centre and the exclusive Tatami Suite, which looks so abandon... ==|||The fishes over there have something to say...
Pretty nice view over there too!
Well, I was surprised to find out they actually offer Kimono rental! And it's RM20 for 30 minutes, not too bad wurt! So, why not??? Koninciwa!!!
Ahhh... Kawaii de su ne??? :p
Aaaahhhh... Ya me deh, ya me deh ku da sai!!! :p
Hai, wa ta shi wa Shirlexia de su. Dai gak ku no to ki, ni hon go gak ben guo shi ma su ta. De mo, i ma wa, wa su let ta~! Haha, that's about the best and most important line I can remember from my Japanese studies back in university! Phew~! Wa ta shi no boyfriend de su!
Kak koi de su ka????
Act like so 'si wen'... :p
Later only we found out there are Japanese traditional wear for guys there too! Aih... Wasted!
Acting cute... Hey Japanese girls always do that lar!
Again, it's like once in a life time experience taking pictures in a Kimono, so excuse me for so many pictures of myself! I actually have so many more in my folder okay????

Nah... Let you see different stuff...Have you ever seen a Japanese Muslim???

BYO Dinner & Supper @ La Flamme
It was a bit tiring walking around these places, so we were both very hungry by the time we got back to our room!
Since I've read some bad reviews on the food at the restaurants over there, I made some Cold Pasta and brought some Japanese Cup Noodles there as our dinner! Hmmm... Needless to say, the Pasta I made was yummy~! :pOur simple, cheap, yet delicious dinner.
I boiled some Angel's Hair, pan-fried some chopped onion, black pepper sausages and mushroom and then put the Japanese sesame dressing to mix them up~!
But then it was still bloody early when we finished everything! So we went out and have a walk. The climate was even better by now! You actually feel a bit cold at night! Oh I just love that kinda cooling weather! There is indeed yes, nothing much to see except for some souvenir shops, games (to cheat your money), Chinese peoples' performance and the restaurants and cafes with some Filipino singers walking around singing to you. Romantic view, hey?
Couldn't resists but sat down at La Flamme for some supper. We ordered a little pizza to share and true to those reviews I read, it wasn't good lor...Looks nice, smells nice, but doesn't taste really good.
I was looking very tired already... :S
I must say, it feels like these restaurants aren't really made for 5-star food (although the price is). They are just there to serve the people who are staying in the hotel. Since you're on top of the hill, you have no choice but to eat them, right? We are smart bringing our own food hey! :p

Breakfast @ La Blason
The next morning, we had our free breakfast buffet at La Blason. Like I said, I didn't expect much after reading the reviews and of course, the supper! Shirlexia with her puffy eyes in the morning... *yawn~*
The breakfast buffet has quite a wide range of choices actually. It's just that the best thing I can think of is the Fried Yee Mee and the plain porridge! The curry chicken especially, tasted so hard that I think it's been over-heat for a few times before we get to eat that... Euw~ You might say?Our very first round of food...
They didn't have mushroom with the omelet too! :(
My dear never forgot to have some corn flakes and croissant!
The porridge was pretty ok, just that the peanuts were bad. And the others... Oh never mind...
I think that was probably the only time I've had so little food at a breakfast buffet!

Archery @ The Sport Complex
After checking-out, we drove down to the Sport Complex to try the archery there. To my disappointment, it was indoor and was so damn simple they don't even provide the thingy for you to put on your fingers! That's all you can get at the Sport Complex's so called 'archery field'...==|||
See... I do look like I'm so pro, right??? Actually I still suck although it was much better than last time when I tried it for the first and second time. :)
He thinks the 10m is too near wor....
Yeah~ Yeah~ And we were done in less than 30 minutes~! Weird....
Our souvenir from the trip~! Ouch...
Anywayz, Archery is still a fun sport to play, but not at this place lar... Maybe I can join XT's dad training again, for free! :p

Little snack @ Kow Po, Bentong
The beauty of having an iPhone(yes, I own one now! Yeah~!) is that we get to go on-line anytime and anywhere! And we made full use of that to search for famous food in Bentong and made our way there with the GPS! Here we are... At the famous Kow Po!
Kow Po is famous for their homemade ice-cream and it was just perfect on a heaty day! They also have Yong Tau Fu and a Malay lady selling Nasi Lemak and Fried Noodles.You get pandan, banana, peanut(note:NOT peanut butter) and coconut flavours here!
The ice-kacang, which looks and tastes more like a Cendol. We had the banana ice-cream for this.
The double-scoop ice-cream with pandan and peanut flavour!
You don't get to pick which Yong Tau Fu you want, you only get to order and they serve you this....
The ice-cream was indeed pretty special in a way, cos they have some unique flavours compared to those traditional ones. The peanut flavours tasted a bit salty like it's really peanuts! But I must say they aren't very yummy lar, just very special. And the price is pretty cheap too! The double-scoop is RM4, Ice-kacang RM3 and the Yong Tau Fu was RM 5.

So that wraps up our lovely trip!
Since our first Valentine's Day together will be ruined a bit because it's going to be first day of CNY, we take this as a replacement of the coming Valentine's Day celebration.
Overall, I'm very satisfied with the trip. I've read some bad reviews from the internet before we went. Some said the furniture are old, the toilet cannot be flushed, food are expensive and bad... So I didn't expect much. Fortunately, the room was big and cozy (although urrrhhh... Got lizard one! :S). The French Village and Japanese Tea House although are just pretty and have not much of entertainment, but that's just what I was looking for. I want a quiet trip in some kampung places like this where we can finally have some private time and space together! Food wise, it was a big thumb-down. And the sport complex was also a bit of a let down. Maybe it's just because not many people like to go there so they gave-up on the maintenance kua.

Now, let's look forward to our trip to Taiwan in April~! Oh~ Woo~! As the Taiwanese love to say... 超期待的!!!


Hayley said...

The French village looks beautiful.. i've always wanted to go there, but my friend said there's nothing much to do there, except for sigh seeing and take photos... :S

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea you're friend is right about the French Village, didn't you see I just took so many pictures there?