Thursday, February 4, 2010

More food reviews...:p

Not that I want to purposely update my blog so frequent, it's just that since I have nothing to do, then why not spend some time updating my blog?
I have these two places to tell you about where you can go for some good food! Hehehe...

Restaurant Kong Sai 广西仔My dear brought me to this restaurant once and I totally fell in love with it! Over here, I can find the dishes that my Ah Ma and mum cook at home! The biggest example is the Steamed Shrimp with Eggs which my mum makes! But I haven't try theirs here lar...
On this particular visit, my dear and I ordered their 'jiu pai' dishes, the Farm Chicken and the Pig Stomach Pepper Soup, plus the special Stuffed Tau Fu Pok and a Sambal Kangkung.The Farm Chicken is yummy, especially when you eat with their special garlic and celery sauce.
The Sambal Kangkung is not too bad too, especially the sambal itself tastes pretty good!
The very famous Pig Stomach Soup.
Also, the very special Stuffed Tau Fu Pok.
I always love their Farm Chicken, the meat are smooth and tender, but most importantly taste very fresh! Definitely a MUST TRY over here! The Pig Stomach Pepper Soup isn't too bad, but I think they put too much of pepper lor. The rest pretty much passed my expectation.
I think one day I really gotta go try their steamed fish and shrimps.Remember to ask for their oily rice, which is so bloody yum~yum~!
Restaurant Kong Sai has branches in Sunway, Puchong and PJ.

Win Soon Fresh Prawn Fish Head Mihoon 亚顺生虾鱼头米
Dear's best friend, Ket Weng recommended this famous restaurant located at Kuchai Lama to us the other day. Since I'm quite a big fan of Fish Head Mihoon, I demanded that we should go try this no matter what. My dear ordered the Fresh Prawn with Yu Wat while I had the ori thingy, the Fresh Prawn Fish Head Mihoon. The soup itself has Chinese wine in it, which gives it a really nice fragrance. And I found out what makes it so special and delicious! That is, they put pork lart in it! Very sinful but ya know, anything with pork lart in it is YUMMY! The prawns are pretty fresh and I'm pretty satisfy with it. The noodles are selling at RM13.80 for the ones with the prawns. We also ordered a small portion of vege which pissed my dear off a bit cos it's too small a portion he refused to take picture of it... :pI had a Chrysanthemum with Ginseng Tea.
The one with the Yu Wat... You can see the pieces of pork lart here...
And the original one... Not too bad!
Anywayz, make sure you go there early because I saw people standing outside waiting for tables when I was there!


Lay JinG said...

Oh dear, u visited many nice place recently ya! EAT EAT EAT! so envy with u... Long time didnt eat oil rice liao:(

ShiRLeXia said...

Wah I really long time didn't see your comment in my blog liao!
Why didn't eat oily rice wor? Just go order one at the chicken rice stall!

Lay JinG said...

I seldom see oil rice here... i mean at penang! hehe... kind of busy and soemtimes just drop by read, bo comment :p

ShiRLeXia said...

Really? Chicken Rice there serve with white rice too?
I miss your comments! :)