Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pre-CNY dinner @ Betty's Midwest Kitchen

Sean told me about this restaurant his friend owns and I got interested. So I invited him and Ducum, of course plus my pork-lover dear dear, to Betty's Midwest Kitchen for a pre-CNY dinner.Haha... My dear took my Facebook status on his iPhone...
Look out for this restaurant, it's not with a very catchy signboard but it's just by the road side.
Located at Aman Suria, this restaurant is very much a family business cos you see the whole family cooking or serving you food and drink. Sean told me the owner's sister is staying in the States and his mum loves cooking Western food.
What I like about the restaurant is that it serves very unique Western (or American) food. And the fact that they are all done by the mum and son is a plus point. It's a bit like eating at home. Plus the fact that it's non-halal. Nowadays I really think Western food without pork is really nothing! The interior is quite okay, but I would say it's quite small lar, no wonder I heard it's always very packed during dinner time!
So before everything I gotta tell ya, we ate a lot! Soup of the Week, Ham and Tomato Soup. RM10.
Lady of the day... Shirlexia... Kekekekeke...
The Classical Meatloaf. Very unique dish in deed. RM15.
Grill Beer Braised Boston Butt. RM25.50.
Yes, those were what we ordered before Ducum and Sean came later. We both prefer the Beer Braised Boston Butt than the Meatloaf. Although I will still recommend you to try the meatloaf dish just because its a very unique dish with a mixture of beef and pork in it. But the Boston Butt is really really nice, especially the gravy! Yum~!
And then Ducum and Sean came...Eh... You two are late, you two should be paying!!!
The other couple...
We can never be serious... Hahahaha...
The superyummilicious (wow what a word) Hog Wild. RM31.50.
Dog Food, which is fries in special sauce and cheese. RM7.50
The Hamburger, served with fries. RM15.
Jucy Lucy, very fancy name hey! RM13.50.
The Hog Wild is VERY VERY DELICIOUS!!! Oooppsss... I'm a very bad blogger cannot think of creative words to describe the food... ==||| Aiya, no matter what, the Hog Wild is just good! The sausage is really good and the pork ham steak is like OOOOH SO TEMPTING AND YUMMY YOU DON'T WANNA MISS IT! The Dog Food (very interesting name hey) is ok lar, cos to me fries just has to be crispy and will never be good with gravy lar. I tried some of the Jucy Lucy and Cheeseburger and I think both are pretty nice too! They both have pork in the pattie. Tell ya Western food with pork is always better! :p
And then we had dessert of the week to share... Not too bad too! :)Apple Crumble with Vanila Ice-cream. RM8.
Overall, it was a very satisfying dinner. I give the food 4 out of 5 stars. And the fact that it's pretty cheap (well of course portion also not as big as those you get in T.G.I Friday, but good enough for me) is a plus plus plus point. That's why we can afford to try so much of their food! Love it! Now I understand why this place can be so crowded during peak hours!
This is their website, which is I think not really done yet. But have a look and you can find their address and phone number just in case you wanna book a table in advanced!


Hayley said...

You and your dear are really so matching.. both also siao siao one... haha :P
but thats great! life wont be boring, right? ^^

ShiRLeXia said...

Haha...Actually that's very true!
He said he won't be so siao with his ex and even some of his friends. Can only be siao with me because I'm also siao siao one!

Terence Ong said...

Hahaha...those foods were so tempting...Thanks for the introduction.A must try! :D

ShiRLeXia said...

Yup, must go and try this one!