Sunday, February 28, 2010

Valentine's Day & 14 Blades

Just to give you a break from food in my blog, here are two movies I've watched recently...

Valentine's Day
Well, with this kinda movie, all you can expect is just plain romance with a little bit of comedy in a few different stories. Of course, with this one, you would enjoy watching loads of movie stars showing their little acting skills! I'm really glad to see the long-time-no-see Julia Roberts! And guys should be excited that Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner is in it! Ohyea, check out how 'sam pat' Taylor Swift can be in this movie too!
Well, stories wise, some of them are pretty interesting, like the ones with Anne Hathaway and Topher Grace, Jamie Foxx and Jessica Biel, Hector Elizondo and Shirley Maclaine. Those are really romantic stories that I would fancy lar.
I personally think Jessica Biel is doing pretty good in acting! And Anne Hathaway is just as good as I can remember. I also love the fact that there is Jamie Foxx in this movie cos I have never really seen him in a romance movie before!
Overall, not too bad a movie. Loving couples should really watch this, you would learn something from it.

锦衣卫 14 Blades
So far,我听到对这部电影的评价是有好有坏的。我尊重大家的看法,但是个人真的觉得这部片有点烂,根本不值得看!
好,故事其实不会说不好,只是中间的一些人物非常的不必要,而且特效有点夸张且不必要。我所谓的不必要的人物是吴尊,虽然我知道一班吴尊迷一定在抗议。但是一个这样的角色出现几分钟,又不是特别会打的,只是很爱打,莫名其妙去跟人家打,然后就被杀死了。而且造型抄足了Captain Jack Sparrow,没新意。说的比必要特效是甄子丹把那些刀拔出来时那些齿轮的特效部分,oh come on,人家爱的是甄子丹的功夫,不是刀拔出来时是怎么样的!更何况,特效做得很丑,transition又做得不好,好像突然之间不知道发生什么事似的,真的很想说“唔识就唔好学人做”啦!


Lay JinG said...

captain Jack,造型真的很像=P 叶问2应该还好吧?最近你也看了很多电影。

Hayley said...

I'm planning to give Valentine's Day a try.. ;)
as for 14 blades, i hate Tsui Chi San the most! not only she dint know how to act (all based on computer effects only), she's also abit hiao!
she as QingLong's opponent?? so not logic!

ShiRLeXia said...

Lay Jing,

Yeah huh! I hate her too! I never really think she can act! And its all effect one, really cannot accept it that she is the last one standing fighting with Donnie Yen!