Friday, February 19, 2010

CNY 2010 Part 2 (the final part)

The Family
At my dad's side it seems a bit quiet this year without Sin Fei around. We didn't even spend much time at my Ah Ma's place on the first day of CNY, which is a bit unusual. Anywayz, 'business' as usual at my mum's side as everyone was back in Taiping and we actually had a little birthday party for my Ah Ma who turned 80 this year! Happy Birthday to my Ah Ma and I hope she will stay healthy for a long long long long long while! :D

So... Pictures time~! Little Tessa is definitely my fav cousin now! She is so cute! My heart would just melt when she calls me Biao Jee Li Ping!!! Awwww~~~! And she always say... You don't know meh??? Cute, right? Ok lar, Eu Jin is also very cute! :p
Jan Yi, Ducum, 3e, Me and Vivian say: GONG XI FA CAI!!!
This picture just tells you how we three sisters all have the same 'bak bao face'!
Perhaps we have inherited that from our parent lor...
I still think this family photo looks better than the one above! LOL!
The birthday cake! It's Carrot Slice from Secret Recipe!
Yup! My lovely Ah Ma turned 80 this year!
Ah Ma with her nine grandchildren! :)
Ei? What is this picture doing over here???
This picture tells how much I love kids ONLY when they are nice to me...
Karina and Nigel were actually looking at me chatting with my dear! :p
The Tan sisters enjoying their camwhoring session forgetting the dad at the back! :p
Yea yea... Whole loads of different expressions...
Posing like a model while the dad had to be the photographer... Hahahaha...
Ducum Tan's eye liner is too thick lar...
Nice shot!
Very nice one too!
My dad was smiling while we all were making funny faces! Ha!
Hahaha... Why so serious???

The Friends
I had two old schoolmates gatherings this year. First one was the Cincai Group gathering where some old friends, whether close or not close came together at La Promise and enjoyed catching-up with each other. I was amazed at the amount of people who came!
And then I actually had a little gathering of our primary school standard 6F classmates. A lot of them FFK though, otherwise it would be fun! Because some of them, like Kok Peng, we actually haven't seen each other for 14 years already! And we are thinking of making a big one next year! We want some classic people in the class to come! :pI kinda like this picture you know... Very classic feel lor.
This one is very nice too!
And this one! Well, what can I say, you need some pretty girls to make the picture looks pretty lar! :p
One of my best buddies, Xiao Ting! The two Librans just clicked!
I love how my legs look in this photo! But not my 'pork belly' lor...
Very nice one with Xiao Ting too! KK and XT are just really good in editing pictures!
The pretty successful gathering!
And then we found out my dear, KK, Soon Tuck and Kean Huang were actually primary school classmates in Hua Lian 2!
The 6F gathering... From left Yong Hin, Kok Peng, Lian Wei (who is actually not our classmate, I have zero idea why he is in the picture), Kean Tai, Shirlexia and Xiao Ting.

Bonus: The BF
The one big difference this year is that I have a bf, a 'Taiping lang' bf! And it was definitely an important CNY for me because I could feel how nice his parent are treating me and I love them for that. And that add up the reasons for me to love him more, and to sacrifice more for him...
Here's one of my favourite shot of us two...We look very natural in this picture, don't you think so???
Till then, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR once again! :D

*Photos credit to Ducum Tan, KK, XT and Lijing! :)


rainbow mushroom said...

hey, i like ur cheongsam. but i think its more of a dinner outfit :P

ShiRLeXia said...

Well, just to tell ya my mum originally doesn't want me to wear it on CNY just because it's black in colour...