Saturday, February 27, 2010

4th month anni @ Atrium Cafe, Pyramid Tower

By now I think Sunway Hotel should give me some special voucher or some membership card for being such a supporter to Atrium Cafe at Pyramid Tower. I had their hi-tea and breakfast and promoted them so well here in my blog! And it was one of their PR persons who came to comment in my blog telling me about the 40% discount promotion they have on their lunch and dinner buffet.
Well, I was expecting them to give me some voucher or special offer, but my dear and I went to try the dinner buffet without getting any of them... Oh.... :(

Anywayz, we started with some fruit of course, and then...The crab and Tandoori Chicken was fantastic that my dear couldn't stop getting more and more of them!
Sushi, salad and smoked salmon. I love the smoked salmon, it's not as salty as those common ones.
Oh yea! I love the grilled vege too!
The fresh seafood! Really fresh and yummy! Yum~Yum~!
And yes, the oysters there were very fresh too!
The Chicken Satay were nice!
My dear just love Wanton Noodles, but he said it wasn't too good wor.
Every time I walked past the hotel I see this very tempting roast lamb I always wanted to try! And it turned out it was good too! The texture is just so soft and you will just love it!
Claypot Yee Mee, one of their more local dishes. Not too fantastic though.
Of course there were a few more rounds of food before we called it a dinner!

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the food and the service. It was much better than the hi-tea buffet I had over here, especially variety wise. The Chicken Tikah (or I think it should be Tandoori) is really really yummy that my dear had loads of them! Their seafood are definitely very fresh and worth a try. And the satay chicken and roast lamb wasn't too bad too! I think the only dish I really want to complain is the deep fried fish. I guess it was cold already that the flour is so thick and hard to eat. There were a few 'too Malay-styled' food we didn't really try though.
Including tax, the total came to RM89.70 for two persons! Hey that's less than 100 bucks for a buffet for two you know? Not too bad a deal lar, right?
The promotion at Atrium Cafe ends on 28th Feb, which is tomorrow! Yes, it's tomorrow! So if you want to try it, then go now!

And so we celebrated our 4th month anni with some nice food, thanks to my dear! We are stepping into the 5th month now~!

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