Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sunday Lunch @ d'italiane kitchen, Sunway Giza

For no reason, I'm going to be busy today (it's a Saturday!), and tomorrow is another working day... *yawn~~~* So I guess before I lose all my precious time to work, I shall blog about this restaurant Deardo and I, together with his family went last Sunday for lunch.Basically the restaurant has a very cozy setting, clean but a little smelly (I'm serious, we smelled garbage). Food wise, they have quite a variety of food to choose from. Pizza, pasta, chicken, beef, lamb or seafood dishes, you name it! Even their drink list is long!
Here are what we had that afternoon...Some Baked Portobello Mushroom to share.
Seafood Pizza to share.
Deardo's dad had the lamb shank.
Deardo's sister's Baked 3 Cheese.
That's my Smoked Salmon Pasta.
Deardo's mum's Fish with Prawn dish.
Deardo's BIL's Duck Breast Pasta.
Deardo's Chicken and Prawn dish.
Staying true to the Italian cuisine, I ordered the Smoked Salmon Pasta and I actually think it was yummy! I especially love it that they use celery, spinach and tomato to cook the dish! I also tried Deardo's sister's Baked 3 Cheese and honestly, it was bloody good! I'm actually also secretly a cheese lover, but for the body's sake I've been avoiding baked cheese rice, baked cheese pasta and all that stuff. And this pasta tasted like heaven to me!!! :) The baked portobello mushrooms were good too, although I prefer them to be not so burnt. The Seafood Pizza was nice too! Love the crispy pastry and the fresh seafood. And that's us being ignorance of people around us. :p
I think our conclusion is, the pasta and the pizza are overall better than other dishes. I mean look at the chicken, lamb and fish, they all look the same. Same sauce, same presentation and based on our opinion, they all weren't that fantastic. Not especially when the prawns and the fish were not very fresh.
The bill came up to RM300 plus. Still ok I guess, considering the amount of food we had. But quality wise, well... Can be improved!

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