Sunday, April 3, 2011

Roti Breaky @ Levain, Jalan Delima, Off Jalan Imbi

Deardo's mum was in town again and on a sunny Saturday morning, his BIL brought us all the way near Jalan Imbi, to Levain for breaky. The cafe is a huge one, in a bungalow house with a very cute western deco and nice ambiance. Honestly, judging from its outlook, I was excited. Someone was trying to be funny... *yawn~*
We picked some breads from the bakery section, ordered some drinks, and wanted to order some pasta but they weren't available until 11am (yes we were that early), so we opted for a big breakfast. By the time we looked for a table to sit the cafe was already pretty crowded... Hmmm... I didn't know KL-ains wake up so early on a Saturday! Love the feel of the cafe!
Out of the six types of breads we took, I only tried three. They were all pretty nice! I mean, they all tasted like they are of good quality materials lar. I especially love the Curry Chicken Doughnut. The curry was thick and delicious!
We forgot to take picture of the 'Big Breakfast' cos it was really too small but I think the egg and sausage were damn nice too! See, they don't even look very exciting...*yawn~*
With drinks, the bill came up to RM70 plus, which was like :S to me. I'm a person with 'roti-phobia' because of who else if not Mamo who used to stuff bread to us when we were kids. Man, I hate bread with jam or whatever cream! Nowadays I can only accept very fancy breads, savory ones only too! So I guess that was why Deardo and I, being not-so-sweet and not-so-roti persons didn't enjoy the breaky so much! Er... Not especially with that price where we can already enjoy a breakfast buffet at some fancy hotels... Although! I must admit their breads and the whole atmosphere are good!Deardo looking very bored of the roti breaky... :(
Deardo and I intend to visit Levain again nonetheless, but at night, just to try their pasta!

P/S: Ohyea, their Macaroons seems to be quite famous! Check them out here.


LayJinG said...

ur blog is all about EAT EAT EAT... so envy!

ShiRLeXia said...

Hahaha... Actually recently cut down a bit liao but well I'm a food lover mah! It will be weird if I don't blog about food! :p

rainbow mushroom said...

over-rated or okay?

ShiRLeXia said...

Not too bad lor...