Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rare Movie Marathon

After quite some time, Deardo and I finally had some time to catch-up with some latest movies up at the cinema. It was a very rare movie marathon ever since we both changed jobs and ever since we decided to save a bit on our money. It was fun though, watching three movies in two days! It was actually quite an enjoyable weekend before disaster hit us at the beginning of the week... I shall leave that till my next post as I re-organize myself and am ready to share some of the stories with you guys.
For now it's time for some real movies! Whee~~~!

It was actually quite random as we chose to watch this movie. I had no idea at all what this movie is all about before watching it!
Now the story about Blu, a blue coloured bird getting lost as a pet at home traveled all the way back to Rio de Janeiro is just pretty normal. But I love the whole flow and humour of the movie. Pretty compact and action-packed. My favourite part has to be the part when Tulio sees Lina in her festival costume and Lionel Richie's Say You Say Me came in, with fire works at the back! Hahahahaha... So funny!
Of course, I love the music in it very much too! Both the Brazilian and the Hip Hop music! While I don't think Jesse Eisenberg did anything fantastic as the voice behind Blu, Anne Hathaway was definitely pretty natural playing Jewel! You should check out Will and Jamie Foxx's voices too! :)
Nice and entertaining movie!

Just Go with It

It is pretty easy to expect what kind of movie you're going to get from a combination of Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. BUT!!! My honest opinion is, this one is not as stupid or cliche as whatever you're expecting!
I know, I know... The story about a boss and his staff falling in love with each other at the end of the movie is so expected, but hey the entire story was pretty cool lor! The fact that Jennifer Aniston is playing a single mum character where the other girl in the movie is getting more limelight than she herself excites me a lot. I mean, no longer the very common attractive character and no cheesy romantic scenes until somewhere in the end of the movie! I absolutely salute some part of bloody funny scripts! Ha, especially the part where Palmer said her saddest moment in her life was when N'Sync broke-up! OMG made me laughed gao gao!!!
I love Jennifer Aniston in the movie! She is still as stunning as always but she is now portraying herself with better roles, even though still in the same genre of movie. Adam Sandler is just good. I love the two kids in the movie. They were just awesome and most part of the fun of the movie were contributed by them! And don't be surprise to see Nicole Kidman in it! Playing a really not-so-Nicole Kidman role! She was awesome too! And tennis player Andy Roddick made a special appearance too! Remember to check out his necklace! :p
Seriously, this is a MUST WATCH!!!

鬼也笑 The Ghosts Must be Crazy


Hayley said...

I only watched the last movie. Not very impressive though, but at least the 1st chapter is better than the 2nd one.

[SK] said...

i've not been watching movies for quite some time already.. the recent past-time during weekends is the watch the drama series downloaded from internet, one after another.. and that's really money-saving activity, hahaha!! :D

ShiRLeXia said...

Ah... I have the opposite opinion on that... :p

I know lar! When I have my own house and internet I'll probably do the same also!