Monday, June 23, 2008

Important notes to TGV and GSC

Before I start my review, I would like to write some notes to the cinemas in Malaysia, especially to TGV and GSC, which I spent most of my money at!
So dear TGV and GSC,
I always love going into the cinema earlier for the previews of some upcoming movies and I'm always left disappointted lately bacause at TGV, there are only two movies previews nowadays and GSC even worst, ONE ONLY!!! The rest are all the useless (at least to us, the viewers) commercial which some of them are really stupid!
And yes, I'm sooooo talking about the latest Batman:The Dark Knight! I'm so sick of it! And imagine, there is only one movie preview at GSC, and it got wasted with the wah-this-one-again-ar? Batman preview? Seriously, now whenever I see that, I just turned my head away and look around the cinema or just shut my eyes and I can actually remember the lines now!!! Shit!
Really, I've heard people saying they are sick of it too in the cinema when the preview came!
If you are thinking the same too, do leave some comments so that we can together get them to change!!!
Okay now, here comes the reviews...
Kung Fu Panda 功夫熊猫
Get Smart
I've been waiting for so so long for this movie!!! So I went for it just the second day it went into the cinema!
It was great! Funny, but not funny in a stupid way... Erm... You know what I mean! You know I love The Rock! He is again awesome though he played the bad guy in the movie (ooops, shall I not tell you this first?). And and, there were so many funny scenes! One of them was the kissing part, I was actually screaming by my own watching the kissing part!!! I'm serious, you will understand as you watch the movie.
Good one! Good one!
Maid of Honor
Well, this is a typical American romantic comedy I guess... You could already guess how is the ending is going to be. Still, the storyline attracted me to go for it. So... It wasn't too bad, in fact, quite entertaining and touching! Sometimes, things are just like that. You might have someone just right beside you and you never know he/she is the one you had already fell in love with...
Maid of Honor is just cute! And and the soundtracks are quite nice too!
Now, these are what you call MOVIES!!! Thanks but no more bloody movies for me, PLEASEEEE!!!

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