Thursday, May 15, 2014

Coffee & Desserts @ The Orange Thimble, Singapore

Like Malaysia, independent cafes are growing too in Singapore, mostly with also the rugged or old school concepts. I was lucky to have some time to try just one cafe - The Orange Thimble (love the name by the way) located at Tiong Bahru with my friends right after our Korean dinner (walking distance from Big Mama). 
The cafe has a mixture of concepts, a little artsy, old school yet not overly rugged, neat and cozy to hang-out at. The shop itself is very long and deep in so it's almost like there are rooms with different concepts in it.
Some unique decor found at the cafe. 
Clean and tidy too!
They serve coffee, good selection of hot food, sandwiches and cakes, as well as ice-cream and chocolate! 
Since we just had dinner, we ordered only desserts to go with our coffee.
My latte with a teddy latte art on it! How cute! $4.50.
Double Scoop Ice-Cream, $8.50, Iced Latte, $7.
Tiramisu, $8.
Hazelnut Daqouise, $6.50.
I was pretty happy with my latte which comes with a nice aroma and tasted quite smooth. Definitely one of the better coffees I've tasted recently. I'm guessing their desserts and ice-cream are all outsourced but I really love the Hazelnut Daqouise. But then again, I like almost everything that has hazelnut in it anyway! :p Ice-cream were quite yummy too but the Tiramisu is just so-so.
Coffee and desserts to end a wonderful catch-up night! :)
We sat there for about two hours chit-chatting and gossiping and the cafe gets busier even later in the night! I saw some people having their dinners there and the food look delicious too!
Gotta love these old buddies of mine who we still pretty much clicked after not seeing each other for so long! :)
With the three drinks and three desserts we had, the bill came up to $40.50, which is honestly pretty reasonable, once again, if we don't convert! In KL this could easily cost up to at least RM60 already! Sometimes I really think Singaporeans are freaking lucky... :S
Anyway, here's a nice place to have a cuppa while hanging out with your friends or family! :)

The Orange Thimble
56 Eng Hoon Street #01-68
Singapore 160056
Tel: 6223 8068


Waco said...

Food price in Singapore usually is reasonable as long as not converted to RM but as a Malaysian earning RM, sometimes it is quite heart-bleeding after having a meal there. I was once spending RM20 just to have Pisang Goreng in a foodcourt there, and probably will not try the same thing again in few decades. Thanks for sharing :)

ShiRLeXia said...

It's true!
But when you are there for holiday or anything like that, I guess you have already expected to pay the price!