Monday, May 12, 2014

Comforting Korean Food @ Big Mama, Singapore

During my recent work trip to Singapore, I was really glad to be able to catch-up with some of my old friends there. Honestly speaking, most of my best friends are in Singapore and I sometimes feel a bit lonely in KL, that's for sure. 
Anyway it was Friday night and we all know it was going to be really tough to have a proper dinner at a proper restaurant in Singapore. If you are living in Singapore or travel there often, you should know there are always long queues everywhere just for food! It's becoming a bit crazy. So thank god for Mei Wei who pre-booked a table for us four as we dined at Big Mama.
Situated in a small corner shop, the restaurant, amid its humble interior design, offers a complete menu of Korean goodness. And trust me when I say they makes you feel at home because of the food and the good service. :)
The side dishes which I always enjoy at Korean restaurants.
Although the side dishes that came were much lesser than what we get in some of our Korean restaurants here in KL, they were all of very good quality. The anchovies, for instance was made salty and crispy instead of sweet and hard, more like what we Malaysians and Singaporeans are used to, and I really appreciate that a lot.
Suyuk (small), $25.
One of the staffs trying to teach us the right way to eat the Suyuk.
The Suyuk was more like a Korean version of Siew Yuk (roast pork), with these a bit lighter and thinner slices and comes with three condiments and some sauces to go with. The uncle (as pictured) was very nice teaching us how to eat them - with each piece of meat, you go with different condiments/sauces and they all tasted lovely! I mean, I've never tried this dish in KL so this is something really fresh and nice to have as a starter! 
Kimchi Soup, $14.
Korean Pancake, $15.
Dakgalbi (for 2 pax), $30.
And then, add in the rice! 
Fried Rice (for 2 pax), $6.
We also ordered a Kimchi Soup and the Haemul Buchu Jeon (Korean pancake). While I've tasted better Korean pancake, I really love the Kimchi Soup here because once again, I think they have modified the soup to become more locals-friendly. Unlike the usual Kimchi soup, this one has a more savoury taste and tasted more like a Minestrone Soup I just couldn't stop sipping the bowl of soup! Yumzzz...
One of their signatures is the Dakgalbi which is a hot pan with loads of chicken, vegetables, sweet potatoes, rice cakes and spicy sauce. We topped up another $6 for two portions of fried rice, which basically means as we were half way done with the dish, the server will come and add the rice and fry the rice with the leftover ingredients in the hot pan. Pretty interesting, isn't it? I really love the spicy sauce and the aroma they bring to the rice after being fried in the same hot pan. Such a comforting food is best for rainy days! :)
Me and my lovely old friends! :)
It was a great meal I must say and I must thank Mei Wei, the 'Food GPS in Singapore' for the recommendation! Unfortunately we could only stay there for 1 1/2 hours as the next slot was booked and the customers were already there so we had to leave (without even finishing our fried rice). Well, it seems like such time-limit dining has become a trend in places like Taiwan and Singapore and I wouldn't be surprise at all if one day I see such system in our restaurants/cafes here! :S
With a 10% service charge, the meal cost us $99, which is not bad at all a price if you don't convert it back to RM! What more is that you get some quality comfort Korean food with some nice service too! Definitely worth visiting! :)

Big Mama Korean Food
No. 2, Kim Tian Road,
Singapore 169244
Tel: 6270 7704
(Reservations are highly recommended)


Hayley said...

I recognise Mei Wei, ;)

I miss Korean food very much!

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea, all bunch of Taiping Lang that I miss hanging out with a lot! :)

I'm a big fan of Korean food too!!! :)