Friday, January 11, 2008

The Game Plan

Okay, okay I know you you're gonna laugh at me for watching this movie. I know, I know The Rock can't act. But hell I don't care! I'm proud to tell you I'm actually a fan of The Rock! The Rock ROCKSSSSS!
The Game Plan is like The Pacifier N years ago where Vin Diesel played the daddy role. I can't remember much of the whole movie, but I seriously think The Rock did a better job. He just has the body, the really tough look, but also can be very nice and charming. And by the way, how many times would you get to see The Rock dancing ballet? The little girl is really cute too. Although the storyline is like, ahhhh... The same old one, but at least it was entertaining! It made me laugh and cry! Seriously, it was an enjoyable movie.

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