Saturday, January 19, 2008


Honestly, since I got to know he is coming to the Youth Showcase, I've been praying that I can get to meet him and snap a picture with him. And I've been pretty 'kan cheong' since yesterday asking around when is Kenny Sia going to show up.
So I know it's today. After the graduation ceremony in the morning, I was up at the booth at 4th floor and had been impatiently looking around, looking here and there to make sure I wouldn't miss this fellar! I mean, I never knew I can be so crazy about a blogger! I was really crazy about Alex Lim the swimmer, David Tao the singer and now Kenny Sia the Blogger! KENNY SIA ROCKKKKSSS!!!!
Then he was at the Traffic Jam thingy and then after a while I finally got hold of him. Seriously, all I wanted to say was:"Aaaaahhhh.... Kenny!!! I'm a HUGE fan of you!!!" But of course, I didn't (siao meh? Control a bit lar cha bo!). I just did the formal thing, and actually, accidently found out he can speak Mandarin and got him to go to The Voice Academy's booth to do an interview in Mandarin! "... 我是Kenny Sia~!" Really cute lar!
Alright, alright, he might get this all the time, but damn, I love this fellar, his blog is just classic! All bloggers and Kenny's fans, I know you'll be jealous, na na na na na... You cannot catch me......:p
If you haven't even heard of who is Kenny Sia...... You are so bloody out-dated! Check his blog out, the link is just on the right of my blog!They said he is one of the seven Most Coolest Malaysians! Presenting... Kenny Sia!!! I think the next one might be... Bechelor of the Year!
Check this out, it's a tongue stunt by Kenny Sia.

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