Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hindraff Boleh!!!

Tomorrow is Thaipusam and it's a Public Holiday in KL and Putrajaya! Hurray!!!
I guess the Hindraff fellars actually did change something! Thanks a trillion! Hindraff 万岁!Haha, I never thought they can be so helpful!
BUT... For some unknown reasons, my boss put my off days for this week wrongly and I have to work tomorrow, which sucks cos I was planning to go to TVA to get my final piece CD and to the gym tomorrow night. BUT AGAIN... I'll get OT for working on a public holiday! SO AGAIN, Hindraff 万岁!

Yeah! It's public holiday tomorrow! Let's get some liquor to celebrate! No, I mean buy some beers to the Hindraff people!

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