Friday, January 11, 2008

Bom Brazil

I really have to do this before I got really busy.
Finally, I've made my visit to Bom Brazil, the place where Yve Vonn suddenly got into the business. I thought I've never tried Brazilian food before, so let's give it a try, without worrying about the price!
Salad, every woman's good friend~! Seriously, they were real good!
As we arrived, we were welcomed by staffs wearing Brazilian soccer jersey! And their decorations are simple, yet special, the table cloth are of yellow and green, the true Brazilian colours! I told Ah Fa, who went with me, that this place just made me feel like I'm back in Oz. It's like one of the restaurants and cafes at Subi or like the Italian restaurant that I've been to in Melbourne. And they play Brazilian songs as well (okay, maybe that's not but I guess logically it is lar).
Lamb, beef, turkey, chicken, fish... You name it! And I love the potato soup!
So we started with a drink, then the buffet, which was awesome. Although I didn't try the black bean that Yve Vonn later told me was a must in Brazilian food, the various choices of salad were really good! The one with the tuna, the one with the tasty grill vege, the one with the fresh sausages, etc... Both Ah Fa and me agreed they were really good. And then the grill meat(s) came, the beef, lamb, fish, chicken....... Seriously, the chicken was the best one, the sauce they use taste pretty special and it was very tender! But then I really had too much of meat on a single night, I think. Hehehe... A whole lot of tasty meat with calories and fat! Arrrgghhh... Until Yve Vonn came, we realized we missed the free flow soup. So of course we tried the potato soup and I had two bowls, which, you know what I mean.
Thanks to Yve Vonn, we got free cocktail called Caipirinha and the Brazilian dessert, which we also love!Try the cocktail and the Brazilian dessert too!
Not that Yve Vonn is the Marketing Exec there that I'm saying the food are good. I brought Ah Fa there, and the buffet costs RM65, so I was pretty scared that the food was bad. But what a relief that we've had a pretty satisfying buffet dinner! If you don't mind the pricy price, then you really should go and have a try. Although the website is a bit 'back-dated', but at least you have a simple view of the whole thing there. Oh... Remember to ask the boss for the special 'fu-chok yi mai' for dessert! Now you know 'fu-chok yi mai' is from Brazil!
Okay, I hope I don't need to tell which one is Ah Fa, which one is Yve Vonn.

**Gossip of the day... The REAL gossip that made my jaw drop till erm... Somewhere really low... After all the hu-hah... Jess and CK are actually getting married next month! Gosh, when Yve Vonn told me about it, I was like WTF? Anywayz, since they've made it finally, congratulations and all the best!

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