Saturday, January 26, 2008

Jarum Halus

It was quite a sudden decision to watch Jarum Halus before coming to work today. But it was long time ago that I wanted to watch it.
So, so... It says Jarum Halus is based on Shakespeare's Othello. I had never read any of Shakespeare's stuffs in my entire life, so whatever shit it is based on, I went for the movie just because of the movie.
First of all, I've heard of it being a very slow movie, and yes indeed it is VERY slow. The entire movie just sounds and looks very sad and dark. Everything seems so... So negative. The whole thing is such a drama and everybody in it are drama kings and queens! Okay, it's just a movie, I told myself, this is already much more better than those dramatic & emotional Bollywood movies! It is also a very 'deep' movie. Maybe because I'm not such a 'poetic' person and not a fan of Shakespeare and all, the script sounds very very weird to me. Something "bertukar kepada sutera, seperti ombak bergelung-gelung..." I can't take it. But the dialogue's scripts is even worst! It sounds EXTREMELY corny like there is nothing else the script writer could think of! Seriously, I was like laughing alone in the cinema (No, there were about 4 more couples in the cinema, poor thing). Next time Mark Tan wants to do a new movie, please do hire me as your scriptwriter, I'm damn sure I can do a better job! But no doubt, I love the way the director play with the camera and the lighting, it's different.
Acting wise, Razif Hashim surprised me the most. I thought he was just a pretty face(okay, I didn't say he's cute, but everybody said so), but it turned out he did quite well you know. I only get to know Christien New when he opened up his business with his wife, but I never knew he is an actor, is this his debut (oh no, just found out this wasn't his debut)? Anywayz, I thought he is perfect for the role, but acting wise urmmm... Can be improved lar. And it's funny everytime he started yelling his voice becomes weird, turns into like erm... You know, something like David Beckham's (note: I'm not praising him). And he speaks really good English and Malay too! Juliana Ibrahim... I never liked her. She sucks as a TV host. I think she might be ok in acting, but not in this movie lor, always "Daniel... Daniel..." and then "Nothing, I just like to call your name..." My god! Give me a break! Ooops... I forgot, that was also the scriptwriter's fault! So it comes to the senior, Dato' Rahim Razali who stood out (as expected) to be the best performer. And by the way, Justin Chan is cute! Hehehehe...
Ohyea, I almost forgot, why did Iskandar actually wanted to do all these on Daniel? Was it because of just work wise, or was he gay? I mean, I've missed something, right? I really have no idea until the movie ends!
While doing some research before writing this, I found out that the director Mark Tan is only 22 years old. So alright, for a debutant, for a 22 year-old, not bad lar! Congratulations Mark! At least it's something different. Just that... Next time, pick your scriptwriter carefully. I'M ALWAYS HERE!!!

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