Friday, January 25, 2008

A mixture of things...

OMG!!! My 'dear' housemate had just left the stove on, and the oil burning and totally forgot about it! And I didn't know until my other housemate came home! Gosh, I almost died! Phew~! And he is also the same person who had made the whole kitchen bloody oily, took my mug a.k.a bowl for some weeks before I asked to return it, plus the same person who also took my pot for about a week until this morning I saw him finally leaving it in the sink! I tell ya, I really have interesting new housemate! Damn, now my room also smells like a food court! Aaaarrhhh...
Anywayz, I just want to post something up with many things all together at once, thank god we have the 'label' thingy to sort things out.
I've started going to this restaurant for quite a while since it opened in Mid Valley. But it was only after a few visits that I found out it's actually吉野家,the Japanese restaurant that many many people talk about in those Taiwanese shows. It's basically a Japanese fast food restaurant and they have branches all over the world. I love it since the first time I tried it. First thing first, it's not THAT expensive. And their rice are real Japanese rice, unlike some shops who love to con us with non-Jap rice. I've tried all their famous beef, fish and chicken rice bowls. I think the beef is really nice, chicken not bad, but the fried salmon fish isn't that good lor. Their vegetable, for some unknown reasons is also very tasty, despite the fact that I don't even know what vegetables are they, some even looks like lemon! They are so yummy!!! Sadly, I always see Japanese more than any other people there, that is why I decided to promote it a bit... You may also find it at KLCC food court and One Utama.
Sweeney Todd-What a bloody movie!
Obviously, I wanted to watch this movie because of Johnny Depp. But damn I was a little bit annoyed by the girls who came in late and sat next to me.
"Oh, I love Johnny Depp, I always love him," Girl No.1 said.
"Yea, yea... Me too! He...He...He..."Girl No.2 said.
Then it continued with all the girlish "He...He...He..."
My god, shut up you girls, the movie had already started and you guys were making noises! I bet Johnny Depp wouldn't be very happy if you're not watching him when he's acting!
Anywayz, I really thought Sweeney Todd was a kids movie, until I saw an '18PL' tag on my ticket. And obviously even I cannot accept the bloody scenes that went on and on in the entire movie! Why does it have to be so violent? Euw!!! Basically I don't think it's a good movie lor, the story is a bit weird, and it's too bloody, BUT... I BLOODY LOVE THE SONGS!!! I can't remember all of them though, but there was one where Anthony sang about Johanna, he sang:"I'll steal you away..." which unfortunately made the people in the cinema laughed. I seriously thought that was such a romantic line! Anywayz, if you're a fan of Johnny Depp, nothing is going to stop you, no matter how far he loves to go to make himself ugly, he's still as cute and as cool as ever!
曹格--Super Sunshine
One more thing, I think the people at the saloon that straighten my hair when I was in Taiping suck big time! They've done such a lousy job. From the outside you see my hair straight, but inside, they are all folded! If you're thinking of going to somewhere to ‘fix’ your hair in Taiping, give me a call, I'll have to tell you where NOT to go!
And by the way, here's some picture taken at Sunway Pyramid, of their CNY decorations. Not bad lar, at least to me.That's it for today, I'm waiting for the BBT again, they are announcing their second band tonight, I'm actually nervous like hell now!!! Go 小马!


Anonymous said...

曹格的歌真的很好听!坐在车上听到[无辜]这首歌,就立刻在电脑下载(因为我没那么疯他,所以没买专辑啦。。),其他Super Sunshine里的歌,我也就没下载了。但后来听到朋友说[起床歌]好听,好奇心跑了出来,才下载这张专辑的全部歌,到目前还没听完。。

Anonymous said...

oh, i will be going to watch Sweeny todd This week, hope will not too bad lar, coz i realy love musical very much. Btw, gary's latest album really nie, i mean the cover design lah (seldom hear his song lah) after look at it i feel i wanna make same design for my own pic...hehe