Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I know what I did this new year...

This is how I spent my new year... Part 1. Well, my camera was running out of battery, so I only got to take the earlier part of the party at my 4e's house!
The dinner table... And it's GREEN! My favourite GREEN!!!That's us, the kids, having a good time even before the party started.
The Kids again! See how cute we are??? We have normal masks, and very special... Erm, cute little pirates!
Mama Mia... Where are you looking at? Aren't they nice? Yea, I mean, I love my new hairstyle!

Trying to take an artistic kinda picture, but erm... A bit tak jadi lar!
Will get the rest from my cousin and I'll continue with Part 2 later...

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