Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ducum's 21st @Ole-Ole Bali

Despite the fact that I'm really trying to save on my budget, I couldn't help but told Ducum that I'm going to give her a treat on her 21st birthday. So this time we've decided to go to Ole-Ole Bali for some so-called Balinese cuisine.The very fancy-looking Ole-Ole Bali.
My favourite part of the restaurant... The yellow wall with some really colourful pictures.
It was my first visit to this fancy-looking restaurant. A first look at the menu, I knew this is a 'polluted' Balinese restaurant. They sell pastas, sandwiches, burgers, steaks, etc, all Western food, just in their own flavour. Well, anyway, we ordered three dishes to be shared. The portion is of course quite big and the price is also quite costly. But nonetheless, I think we enjoyed them a lot. The lamb was pretty nice, the Dory fish was not bad. But the thing that made them nice I think was the gravy. Trust me, you're gonna love it too! The side dish, the apple sesame coleslaw was also really nice. And not to forget, the drinks! I can't really remember the name, but it's just this lime juice that is so special! Of course, Ducum and her friends wanted to dance so much when they hear the traditional music that they play in the restaurant, so maybe you can pay a bit of attention to the music when you go there!Grilled Dory Fish, I love the gravy!Lamb and Chicken combo, and the tasty apple sesame coleslaw!Deep-fried squids... Not too bad, but not too fantstic.
The super nice lime juice! Well, probably the most Balinese stuffs that we've ordered!
And that's me, trying to get a good view of the restaurant.
Well, of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAH MY LIL' SISTA!And don't forget, you still owe me money!

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