Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No, I'm not campaigning for Kenny Sia!

I had a bloody early assingment today in KL (gosh, I can't even remember when was the last time I had such early assignment), bloody 9.30am damn it! To make it worst, the people weren't even ready when I arrived probably around 9.40am... Malaysians ar I tell you...
Anywayz, since I've made it all the way to the city, I decided to go to Times Square to buy books for the month (some of you might not know I have a 100 bucks allowance each month from the company to buy English books). I'll skipped what are the books I bought because I bet you'll have any interest in that. The most important point here is, I bought CLEO!!!
It's been a few months since I last bought CLEO. I was an avid CLEO reader until end of last year I stopped buying it for two reasons: 1) Trying to save on my budget, so decided not to buy expensive magz. I bought the cheapest one, Life TV which was RM3, but stopped too since it got up to RM3.50 (see how culculative Chinese can be?), 2) Still sour with the fact that I didn't get a call-up after sending in my photos for the CLEO Cover Girl Contest, haha... Why did I actually have to announce this embarassing thing? BUT I have to buy the latest one lar... It's the 2008 CLEO Bechelors of the Year! How can I miss it? It's time to check out the cute guys again!
I went through the pictures while having my lunch at Uncle Lim. And then... I saw Kenny Sia! Look, I swear I did not edit anything on this previous blog post on me meeting Kenny. In the caption, I said:"They said he is one of the seven Most Coolest Malaysians! Presenting... Kenny Sia!!! I think the next one might be... Bechelor of the Year! " And within two months time it comes true!
Okay, face it, he is not in the 'cute' or 'good-looking', nor 'handsome' category. You can even describe him as 'the round-round and short short one' (look at the pic I took with him, he's shorter than me). But I love his blog, his weird and funny thinking, and those are far more important than the look, right? So I continue reading his Q & A section and I just laughed out so loud alone that I think the people over there thought I'm crazy or something. This is the part that is so funny yet serious... "Q: Which actor would play you in a movie about your life? A: Chua Soi Lek, he is awesome and technically he is an actor right?" Fucking good answer man! Who on earth would think of that answer? I'm sure people would answer shit like Brad Pitt or Daniel Craig, etc... That's why I tell you Kenny is brilliant! But of course I am sure there must be some noises coming out from Mr Chua's supporters, just like how they tembak him in his blog when he made fun of Mr Chua in his blog. For that, I congratulate CLEO for having the guts to publish that answer on their mag.
I can't seems to find any cute or hot guys (again) in the candidates. And I think the make-up are definitely too much on the guys. And the website they gave aren't working. I guess maybe because the voting hasn't really started yet until April 1. I never really voted for anyone over the past few years and am not sure if I'm going to do it this time. But if I do, Kenny, you have my vote! :)
Great that Owen made it, I think he looks really smart in real person!
Afshin, my facourite of all, too bad the make-up was again, too much! Ouch!!!
Another example of 'too much of make-up'.......
Nas, seen him somewhere but I can't remember. He's a DJ and actor!
I'm serious, this guy looks 80% like my cousin brother Chin Kia...
Never ever in my life that I'd ever thought my cousin brother is good-looking....
My god, I'm actually very sick right now, having flu and sore throat... How come I can still stay up and do sutffs like this???

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