Thursday, March 6, 2008

Part 2 of...

An SMS I got two nights ago...
"Sweet Heart, i'm sorry if my policy sent u off mad... A gentleman's apologies might comes in place along with roses and chocolates. May my lady with fine generosity, as to pardon me.. Sweet Dreams Princess.. "
Nop, that sweet SMS isn't from my boyfriend, or anybody who is 'chasing' me.
It was from my landlord, the one that I've talked about in my previous blog.
I told him about my dissatisfi-ness about the 10 bucks rules he had implanted the other night when he came. I mean, thank god I actually did tell him. I can't believe I can be so daring when I wanted to be bitchy~! He of course explained that it was stated in a contract that he signed with the owner, late payment means fine as well. And he said he would pay the rental even if he didn't get them on time from us, and that he put the new policy just to make sure people would pay on time, and he would surely won't get the 10 bucks from me... And blah blah blah...
Nevermind all the stuffs he said to explain to me the whole thing. I understand what he meant and I was all ok with it since he said he won't take the 10 bucks from me. But then he was soooo worry that he rubbed my foot with his purse saying:"Don't like that lar, don't be mad lar..." It was soooo bloody geli. And then he said he will buy me Hagen Dass ice-cream! And then came that SMS.
To those who didn't know this guy would surely think that he must be in love with me. But nah, he does that most of the time to everybody. So I'm used to it now that I think it is a bit too much! If he thinks all girls will think this is sweet and would take it, then he is so fucking wrong! I've also heard of Ducum saying it was him who taught his friend how to get this girl that he likes. But I can surely tell him (or them), those things really won't work! Girls these days are not so naive or so easy to be persuaded. My god, those are so fake!
The worst part is, this guy is a “讲就天下无敌,做就有心无力”guy. He said he is going to move the router higher so that I can get a better connection upstairs, he said he would asked someone to come fix my air-con which its temprature can't be adjust, but until now, nothing is done! So last night he came I asked him where are the roses, chocolates and ice-cream and he said they are coming today! So... Let's see lar!
Seriously guys, these kinda sweet words really won't work anymore! Give up lar please!

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