Saturday, March 8, 2008

Opinions needed (Strictly for those who know me)

To those who know me, I really need your opinions!
The school that I went for the hosting class had offered me a half scholarship to continue the advanced course. The half means now I have to pay RM 1250.
Now, judging from the money I have, that amount of money would take away probably half of what I have (bloody bad in saving money). Every month I have to pay my room's rental, my lappy's installment, my gym fees and money for my parents. And also most of you know that I do have my own plans which seems like money is the main concern. Seriously, I'm not supposed to be spending any more money.
But, I'm about 70% hopeful of attending the course. Although it wouldn't assure you a place in the industry, at least they give me chances to learn, and whenever they have auditions or any special events, they will offer you to go for it first! So what I'm seeing are the chances they would be able to give me.
I mean, I can afford the money, but it would means cutting down a lot on my savings, and making it harder to work on my other plans!!! Gosh, I really don't know how to decide! For those who know me, please, vote at the right hand side of my blog and/or leave comment here to tell me about your opinion! Thanks a lot, guys!

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rainbow mushroom said...

maybe u can postpone the plan if u r tight... just check if the promotion is available for the coming semester... or, follow ur heart... i'll be supportive either way...