Monday, March 10, 2008

Part 3 of My Lovely Landlord

"~Pardon Sir, My Dearly~
As Sweet as it is, when words released.

A gentleman's please, for my pardon; awkwardly.

My Lady, She is, as gentle, She seems,
Some reason it leads, for Her temper unleashed.

Roses and chocolate, an ingredient for "Me" Lady,

May She's as sweet, as elegant She keeps.

Pardon Your Sir, tear's shed, has mercy,

Smile for me My Lady, Pardon Sir, Dearly.


Oh... How romantic is that? Or are you feeling like all your hair are standing now, just like me?
Yes, if you followed my previous posts, you know this fellar said he is going to give me roses and chocolate, plus Hagen Dass ice-cream. So I got home one night to find three items in front of my room. Three Ferrero Rocher (which is not show in the photo because Ducum and I ate them up straight away), ONE rose and a red colour thingy with a specially written poem, as above. And I was screaming in horror reading that!!! This is freaky!!!
Okay, let me first confirmed with you that he is DEFINITELY not courting me. He don't know why is just a guy who is like THAT. I mean I don't know how to explain THAT actually. Overly sweet, overly nice? And sometimes I'm confused whether its real or fake.
All I know is, I'm damn freaked out and I REALLY REALLY gotta tell you guys out there, that... Even if you are courting a girl, PLEASE DO NOT USE SUCH WAY!!! I'M SOOOO FUCKING SERIOUS, OKAY? The girl will really run far far away reading that poem! What more is that, I'm only a tenant of the house? Come on, nobody wants a poem like this nowadays, nobody wants you to get the moon down for her now!!!
Can he just do something more realistic? Can he just instead fix the internet line at home which is terrible? Can he just fix my room's air-con which could not be adjust? Or can he just cut down my rental just because of the internet and air-con problem? My god, this is all you need to do as a landlord. Not to give rose and chocolate and poem that sounds like you're so desperate for a bloody give impression.
Oh, by the way, my dearest landlord, I thought you promised 'ROSES' and ice-cream? But it seems like I only got ROSE and I didn't get any ice-cream, which I was so looking forward to. Damn, you are still the same old you, 讲就天下无敌,做就有心无力!
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Anonymous said...

OMG, is the guy a poem writer?
is he think he is Shakespear? Anyway it is sound romantic, but not from the right guy i guess, hehe. oh Btw, a box of Hagen-Duz ice-cream can buy two or three box of heart shape rocher leh, may be he need to sent few more rocher to other girl leh...hehe