Saturday, March 15, 2008

Movies I've watched...

Step Up 2 The Streets
I love dance movies, especially these hip-hop ones. So I made sure that I didn't miss it by catching it today before heading to work! And I gotta say, it is not like the best of all the dance movies, but still it was really COOL!!! The whole story is a bit cheesy but the choreography just shocked me right from the beginning! And the one thing I like about it is that it is no longer about racist and stuffs like that. All the dancing crews have white and black, and even Asians and Spanish without more emphasize! And the main crew are a special bunch too, you will know what I mean as you watch it! Of course the best part is the final competition scene which was done in the rain! It was SOOOOOOOO COOL!!!帅啊!
Martian Child
It's quite a normal movie about father and son that made me cried in the cinema. The only difference is that the kid this time is kinda weird. Like he doesn't like the sun and thinks that he is from the Mars, plus was 'living' in a box before John Cusack adopted him.

Dan in Real Life

Alright, I watched this about 2 or 3 weeks back so I'll try hard to remember how was it. Its about this widower and his life with his daughters, family and then his new found girlfriend. I guess it was not bad, a very light kinda movie, good for a good laugh and also some really cute meanings behind it. I remember I love the final line before the movie ends. But I really couldn't remember. It was something like erm... Don't ask young people what are their plans, because there is always surprises in life... Something like that. Which ironically so not me... Hehehe...
Paris Je T'aime
This is a special one! It contains I don't know how many stories in one movie. Probably 20 love stories surrounding the romantic city of Paris, all of different directors. Love for the partner, love for parents, love for children, love for Paris... I won't say I love all of them, but seriously there were some stories that really touched me, amazingly through only about 10 minutes! Of course, most of the stories are acted by some French actors whom you don't know, but there are also some who are familiar to you! Like the cute Elijah Wood (which the story he was in was the one that I don't like the most :p) and Natalie Portman! It's really not bad if you want an alternative kinda film.

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