Sunday, June 1, 2008

Eu Jin's birthday & my busy Friday

It was May 30.
My schedule... 11am-2pm: Karaoke with Karen @ Neway Times Square. 2pm++-5pm: Book Fair with Karen @ KLCC. 7pm-10.30pm: Eu Jin's birthday dinner @ Delicious, One Utama. 10.30pm-2pm: Karaoke with cousins and Ducum @ Neway One Utama.
Plus, I had to wake up at 7 something the same morning to do my shooting for my final assignment...
DAMN BUSY LOR!!! No wonder some people said I'm busier when I'm jobless lar!
I'll fast forward everything in the morning because I did not take any photos. So let's start with the very 'delicious' birthday dinner at Delicious. It was my very first visit to the restaurant, which is next to FCUK. The interior design was already quite impressing, I can't stop myself from taking loads of photos of the really nice blue coloured based restaurant!I love this picture! And I love that piece of dress I bought from Perth!
The blue colour based interior design of Delicious is really nice. The part with the bird cages is my favourite one.
They serve both Western and Oriental food. Not too expensive, I think the main course ranges from RM 19.90 onwards. 3e made a right choice ordering two different type of salads as starters. Honestly, I think the salad was better than the main course meal!My Hot Honey Lemon drink with biscutti.
Caesar Salad with Chicken. Love the fact that it has avocado in it!
Also, the very nice Grilled chicken Spinach Salad.
We all ordered a main course meal each. Most of us went for spaghettini (yes, they call it 'spaghettini' here), but since I had 'spaghettini' at Neway for brunch, I decided to go for this this... Wait, let me check again... Marsala Lamb shack. The lamb itself wasn't too bad. But the Marsala curry was a bit too heavy for me. And I wish they give a better or more interesting side vege. I like Jan Yi's Mascarporne Pesto Chicken. The pesto sauce was really nice and the chicken was very well grilled. Of course, I love the fact that it has asparagus!That's my Marsala Lamb Shack served with Basmati rice.
2e's Nasi Kerabu with Ayam Perchik.
Ducum's Cabonara Spaghettini with bacon.
3e and Uncle Thong's Thai Seafood Spaghettini. I didn't try that but I think it must be quite nice.
Eu Jin's Braised Oxtail Spaghetteni.
Jan Yi's Mascarporne Pesto Chicken. Looks damn nice right?
The kids, with the birthday boy Eu Jin. Haha, thank god Eu Jin didn't shut his eyes for this picture!
Then off we went for my second Karaoke session of the day.
I will let the videos say the words...

We love singing Don't Cha at the Karaoke, for some unknown reasons....

Just for your information, my cousin sis, Jan Yi is a BIG fan of Abba.

And the best of all, this is Eu Jin singing his favourite Hokkien song... Pay attention, he has good body languages, right?
It was an enjoyable Friday and I had sooooo much fun! Thanks to Karen and of course my 3e and Uncle Thong for the treat!
Oh wait... I just figured out I have another food review!
So let's re-wind to last weekend where I had my dinner with 4e & Uncle Mike at Epress Cafe at The Curve.
The piece of menu at Empress Cafe.
It was a very simple restaurant right opposite Italianies, looks more like a kopitiam lor. But they serve Western, Malaysian and Indonesian food. The food was actually not too bad. In fact, I love them, but there are so many problems with the restaurant.
The waiters and waitresses are mostly(and probably) foreign workers who can't really understand or speak English. My 4e had to call for the manager when the waiter can't answer her question. Luckily the manager did a good job and was very polite. And I definitely think they should spend more attention on their too simple menu, which is just a piece of paper, and their kitchen ware.
Anywayz, here are the food without the proper names because I didn't write down the names. And the picture quality aren't that good since I took them with my mobile phone and only under the moonlight(Nah, not even sure if there was any moon that night)...The very special 'bun' as starter.
Seafood Spaghetti, which was originally in tomato paste.The very yummy Salmon Spaghetti with very special orange flavoured sauce. Thumb up!
The Rosemary Chicken, if I'm not mistaken.
And a double thumb-up for the dessert which I wish I know the name! It has chocolate and cashew nuts, really yummy... If minus the fat and sugar lar!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Biao Qee Lee Ping,

Thank you very much 4 the book 'Blink'. Next time if u happen to stumble upon some good books, pls inform me yeah.

Very well written and nice pics too. Ohh ya the videos too. I feel glad when someone post a blog on me. haha. SO sad I still not into bloging yet.But dun worry one day I might join blogging.
Klah thats all 4 now. I hope u enjoyed yourself that nite ya.
C u soon.

Biao Di,
Eu Jin =]