Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Guss Hiddink is the man!!!

The very first time I watched football matches was way back during the 1998 World Cup. I was also betting on teams with my classmates at the time. I love Guss Hiddink so much because he brought Netherlands almost into the final!
But then I hated him so so much in 2002 when he brought South Korea into the semi-final of the World Cup. I REALLY REALLY HATE HIM!!! Till now, I still can't forget how rough the koreans were and how they broke my heart by kicking out one of my favourite teams, Spain! Then then, he continued to made me hate him even more by taking Australia into the second round of the 2006 World Cup! They beat Japan! I HATED GUSS HIDDINK!!!
I have to however, admit that he is a one of a kind coach...
Okay, look, I haven't really been following the Euro 2008 until the quarter-final and bloody hell, I waited till 2.45am the other day just to watch Germany plays Portugal just to find out non of the national TV channels were playing it!!! What the hell??? Anywayz, Germany wasn't my favourite team to win the Cup. After the grouping matches, I was going to write something like 'The Orange Storm' or something like that here because like everybody else, I thought the Netherlands were going to win this one! I mean, seriously, they beat two former world champion in a row!
But nah... They lost to Russia, an unknown team, but again led by the super coach Guss Hiddink!
So I guess I have to change it to 'The Hiddink's Storm'?
Anywayz, his luck always ends at the semi-final, so let's pray that Russia wouldn't make it to the final! No, I don't hate them, I just... No no... I want a Germany-Spain final!!! I love both of them!!!
I want Germany and Spain in the final!!! Go go go!!!

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