Thursday, June 19, 2008

Notes to my 'lovely' housemates and 'sweety' landlord...

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the house I'm staying, the underwear in my house and my lovely landlord.
Now, there are a few things that happened lately that we(basically me, Ducum, I Rene and Cynco) decided to do something....
Which is...
Yes, we've wrote some HUGE notes to my DEAREST housemates and DEAREST landlord.
I see them just like Nando's chicken flavours, where we start with the mild one first.Yes, it all happened two nights ago. Ducum lost two pairs of her shoes left outside. One Converse and one Adidas. Cynco's bf also lost two pairs of his shoes, a pair of Puma sport shoe and a pair of Hush Puppies leather shoe.
So we are being very nice telling everyone to be aware of that and not to leave their expensive shoes outside.
Next, be prepared for the HOT one.Now, it has been quite a while that we've found our food and drinks in the fridge DISAPPEARRING.
Worst, the 'thief' often left some 'evidence'. For example, about months ago we had some chocolates in the fridge and someone ate them and actually LEFT THE WRAPPERS IN THE FRIDGE!!!
Then, something really interesting happened last afternoon. One of my housemates (whom I only do the 'hi-hi' & 'bye-bye' to him) was cooking instant noodles for lunch when I also went to cook some water for my green tea. Then surprisingly, I saw a bowl next to the stove (obviously stuffs that he was going to put in his noodles) with some frozen corn and two pieces of seafood tofu.
Wait a minute, SEAFOOD TOFU???
Eh? I thought only Lim Pek have seafood tofu in the fridge???
So I quickly opened the fridge and checked. Yes, two were gone...
Imagine if I actually look at him and asked...
Eh? Why do these seafood tofu look so familiar one???
I mean, what the fuck??? You are stealing my food in front of me!!! Bloody Hell!!!
for stealing my seafood tofu!!!
And yes, I Rene's had also found someone had drank her orange juice.
And comes the EXTRA HOT one, specially made for our lovely landlord.Let me explain them one by one.
YI) For your info, I'm now seating downstairs in the lounge typing this, and I've been doing this for quite a while now. Why not do this in my comfy room with the air-con?
Because the bloody wireless is not bloody working upstairs! I suspect it has to do with the distance between the router downstairs and my lappy upstairs. Of course, my lovely landlord had long promised a second router upstairs.
Now, you understand why we stated the first line?
ER) Our rental is BLOODILY EXPENSIVE, OKAY? But most people understand why when we told them what we get. One of them is cleaning services every one in a fortnight. But except for the first few months, the cleaning aunties brought by the landlord had been coming sometimes once in three weeks or once a month. Imagine how dirty is our house which contains 12-13 people? And yes, now it is already very DIRTY!!!
SAN) Yes, the porch light isn't working anymore, and it has been like that since decades ago...
Is it going to be like the last time he fixed the toilet light as well? According to the 'victim' Ducum, she had to shower, brush teeth, pee and bangsai in the dark for more than one month.
Okay, I can assure you the porch light is more than that now.
SI) Why did we wrote the note to him in such a romantic and poetic way?
If you read my previous blog about my lovely landlord you will understand why we have to be sweetty weenny to him.
We are just doing it HIS STYLE.
(And that's why this section have to be in romantic colours...)
I think the main reason we are writing the note to him is because he has been avoiding us lately. I seriously think he is scared of me now. The last SMS I sent him was to ask him to fix the router or give me a discount on my rental. He did not reply.
Few days ago he came when I was sitting on the sofa with my lappy. He just came and quickly took something and left like I'm a ghost sitting over there staring at him.
Okay, now I really just hope that people in the house and people who own the house understand and pity us with what had happened to us lately.
They might not sound as serious as the earthquake victims in China, but... but...
Arrrrhhhh... Still, kesian us a bit lar!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! poor gal! Why got such "chapalang" housemates?!!

Anonymous said...

aiyo, y not juz find a new house to move? is terrible staying with housemate like this.