Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Deardo's Happy 'Abalone' Day~!

So... It was deardo's birthday last weekend. Since it was the first birthday since we started dating, we've had a few plans which weren't really confirmed before his big day came, but in the end none of them works because... His parent were in town! Since it was quite close to their 30th anniversary, they've decided to celebrate both big days together, and yes I'm very glad I was invited to join the celebration! :)
The day was actually filled with food! Non-stop of food!!!
The day started with lunch at home with deardo's cute mum's cooking. And then we went to Pavilion to basically do something I really hate... WINDOW SHOPPING... Oh well, when I'm incomeless I really hate that lor...

Dessert @ MOF, Pavilion
We had dessert break at MOF, a cafe that serves Japanese dessert I've always wanted to try! I think this time around I must thank deardo's sister for bringing us to try this!I didn't have the names of the stuff we ordered, so here you go...Red Bean with Matcha red bean ice-cream served with some dumplings.
Red bean with soya ice-cream served with loads of almond flakes and dumplings.
Three scoops of ice-creams with our choice of flavours: Matcha, black sesame and watermelon sorbet.
I must say I love the green tea with red bean ice-cream a lot. I don't know, but I always think green tea and red bean make brilliant combination! But our favourite of the day would be the red bean with soya ice-cream with almond thingy. The soya ice-cream is not as sweet as other ice-creams while the almond smells and taste really really good! That's the one I would like to have for a second time! Deardo being funny while the rest stayed calm... Kekekeke....

Dinner @ Ah Yat Abalone, SS13, PJ
Yeap, the plan was to have abalone!!! I don't know about you, but before this I only had abalone once, and that was home-cooked one like ages ago. I remember not liking it too much lar, but I couldn't really remember much since I seems to lose a lot of my kid time memory all the time. The two unyummy appetizers that costs us bloody RM10! :S
We went for the set meal for 6 persons (although there were only 5 of us), which comes with abalone, shark fins, suckling pig with some other dishes. It was actually a very economic set meal at RM389.
Here's the list of way-too-much-of-food we've stuffed ourselves with that night...Unlike the usual shark fin soup, this one is without the egg.
And unlike the usual shark fin soup, this one comes with big pieces of shark fins! Ducum Tan, are you seeing this???? :p
Half a suckling pig... Not the best suckling pig I had.
Next up, not very interesting Deep Fried Shrimp Balls.
Here comes the abalones!
Some fish with ham, mushrooms and veges.
So vegetarian you wouldn't believe it...
Fried Sau Mien with some taugeh, mushrooms, pork... Very weird combination too... :S
The set meal also comes with this papaya dessert.
And some special jelly and pastry...
The dinner was quite a disappointment. Except for the abalone, shark fins and suckling pig, the rest of the dishes are just too plain and very 'vegetarian'. Well, I guess we can't ask for too much for that cheap price lar, right? But the abalone and suckling pig aren't as good as expected while the shark fins soup was a bit tasteless. Deardo's parent trying out abalone for the first time!
Shirlexia getting ready to have her abalone too!
I still think I'm not a fan of abalone. Not especially these mini ones I guess. I actually think those canned abalone tastes better. :p Finally, we get to have a pic together, only the two of us! :D
You know what, deardo's dad was right. We were really being bad human being for eating shark fins (you know lar how they get the shark fins and throw the shark back into the sea) and suckling pig (they don't even get to grow older :( )... Really shouldn't have such feast so often...Another family photo with me in it! :p
I can now totally understand why 3e said I've obviously put on some weight... :S

Guess what I gave my deardo as his birthday gift???Ta da... The Transformer toy which is quite amazing in a way, but you should be feeling 'amazer' at the price!
I actually still cannot believe I've spent almost RM300 to buy him a probably useless Optimus Prime transformable figure when I'm jobless with zero income... ==|||
Anywayz, looking at how happy and excited he was playing with it, it's all worth it lar!
I LUP YA~~~~!!!


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" Red bean with soya ice-cream served with loads of almond flakes and dumplings. "

I want this!!!!! :D

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Hahaha... I wish to have that again too! Whenever you come to KL maybe I shall bring you there~!

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