Sunday, May 23, 2010

Go French!!!

I'm very thankful that my deardo actually went to watch French movies with me during the French Film Festival at GSC which ended today. You know, he is not that kinda guy who would normally watch this kinda movies lar...
Anywayz, it was great to finally catch some international films! :)

Largo Winch
I cannot believe this is based on a comic! Such a serious topic for a comic!
Largo Winch is an adopted son of billionaire Nerio Winch. After his Nerio's death, Largo is forced to fight his way to stop his father's company from falling into outsiders' hands.
The storyline sounds very simple, but there are lots of surprises and twists in between. It's also another smart movie that I really really love! Of course it's a bit too dramatic, but when I got to know it's based on a comic, everything is forgiven! :p
I cannot accept the fact that Largo can fight so well, as in he really knows martial arts and all. I also cannot accept some of the music used in the movie. But I had the hardest time dealing with the bunch of 'ke lei feis' acting as board members in the Winch company. They all just look like those ang mo 'ke lei feis' in Ip Man 2!
But overall, this movie gives me enough of excitement and twists and I definitely love it!

Could This Be Love? (Je Crois Que Je L'aime)
Since it's French Film Festival, I thought it would be stupid to not catch a romance themed movie. So I chose this one, which is a romantic comedy.
The story talks about a successful and wealthy man Lucas, who falls in love with an artist Elsa. Because he was betrayed before, he asked a private investigator to find out more about Elsa, including putting up cameras in her house. And then the two fell in love, and then she found out about the cameras and is so pissed off, and then the private investigator explained and then they stay happily ever after...
The story actually doesn't sound too bad, but the whole thing runs too urm... Too fast? Like they just fell in love just like that. And then probably just after 2 days dating each other, then something happened, and then very quickly problems are solved! Yet, I'm not saying the pace of the movie is fast oh... It's still a very slow paced movie... It's just that the love story part isn't good enough to touch me.
Nevertheless, I love the hilarious script!

**Yve Vonn... Are you jealous??? :p


Lay JinG said...

Oh ... so envy with u! Feel wanna watch also :)

rainbow mushroom said...

u know me so well... my biggest lost is that i missed Coco Avant Chanel... audrey toutou... :(

ShiRLeXia said...

Hahaha Yve Vonn! I thought you already watch that, didn't you???