Friday, May 7, 2010

Visiting Super Ah Ma & the dinner

Last Saturday, it was very nice of my deardo to drive Ducum and I to visit our Super Ah Ma at the Tropicana Medical Centre. My Ah Ma recently fell really sick the last time I saw her it really freaked me out. She lost weight, couldn't even talk for long with us, she has rashes all over her face and neck... It crushed us, especially Ducum who is very close to her to see her so weak.Ducum Tan being Ducum Tan, loves to take pics of this kinda stuff...
Super Ah Ma after losing loads of weight... :(
And then she had fever and was admitted to the hospital and there we were to visit her. A first glance at her, her rashes are all gone! And she was sitting up straight looking much better! And then throughout the two hours plus we were there she talked to us and joked with us too! Ah... Thank god for that man!!!Shirlexia and Super Ah Ma!
Her fever is still on and off I heard. Planning for another visit this weekend. I'm praying hard that my Ah Ma will be fine! :)Pretty nice one with deardo... My whole set of clothes are from Taiwan!

After visiting Ah Ma, we went for dinner at the famous Mama Kitchen at Taman Tun. We always come here whenever I crave for some nice Claypot Lou Shee Fun! I know I look like a Xiu Long Bao, but I'm too big for your mouth Ducum!
Unfortunately it was a weekend and we waited for about 1 hour plus for our food to finally arrive...The signature Claypot Lou Shee Fun.
The Cantonese Fried Yee Mee.
Yau Mak fried Fu Yu.
They always give a generous amount of minced pork with the Lou Shee Fun, and I simply love that. The Cantonese Fried Yee Mee is not too bad too, at least it comes with some proper seafood like prawns and sotong. The Yau Mak with Fu Yu is actually not too bad, minus the fact that it has too much of Fu Yu it makes it too salty. I think it would be good if we have it with rice.
Mama Kitchen serves pretty nice food at a reasonable price actually. But I really wish they could change either the fan or air-con because it can be really hot in the restaurant! And yea hire more cooks so that people don't need to starve!


Hayley said...

Hope that your ah ma will be fine soon!
have a lovely weekend...

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks a lot Hayley!
You too! :)