Saturday, May 29, 2010

Right before the long weekend...

I've been pretty occupied with loads of activities the past few days and will be busy for the next few days, despite having no job at the moment. While I'm hoping to find a job VERY SOON, let's just say I'm pretty much enjoying the break browsing the internet, having fun at the gym, swimming and have makan sessions with the bf, family and friends. :)
Here are some of the makan sessions...

My first REAL visit @ Chili's, KLCC
Okay, another big WHAT????????
Yeap, I went to Chili's once in Mid Valley only for a short catch-up with Yve Vonn and Bob back then when Bob was getting married. And we only had some snacks, so this time around it's a REAL visit for a late dinner.
It wasn't for any special occasions lar, it was just deardo has wanted to bring me there for a while since Chili's is like his favourite restaurant and we happened to be in KLCC the other night. So yea...
He had the Beef Bacon Burger and I had a Southwestern Cobb Salad. Look at the THICK patty!
Ordered a salad since it was already quite late, but it really filled my stomach up!
I'm not a real big fan of Western food you see. But I must say the burger patty is pretty yummy. And I'm very happy with my salad too! The whole loads of veges and cheese satisfied me a lot. While the crispy chicken is nicely done, it's chicken breast... :( Well, put it in another way, it's healthier! :p And the plate of salad is really filling! Camwhoring...
Taking a pic because it was Shirlexia's first real dining experience at Chili's!
Hope to come back another time to try some other stuff in their menu soon, especially when they are now opened in Empire Subang! Hooray~~~!!!

Thursday's dinner @New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice, Jalan GasingI've tried this restaurant years ago with Uncle Yip, but this time around we got to order more stuff since there were 4 of us(yeap, that's good thing about going out in a gang)!
The Ayam Kampung was already sold out so we had no choice but to order the normal steamed chicken. We also had some other sides to go with our Hor Fun Soup...Thai Glass Chicken Feet. RM5.
Xiu Yok and Char Siu. RM20.
Pork Balls, RM8.
Bean Sprout for four, RM8.
Half Steamed Chicken, they called it 'half bird'... RM18.
We all had Hor Fun in stead of rice. RM1.80.
I really love their roasted pork (Siu Yok), as the skin is superbly crispy. It's sooooooo definitely a MUST TRY! And their bean sprout are nicely cooked too, as in not too cooked and just crispy enough! Love them! The guys... From left, Ricko, KH and no other than my deardo.
Well, I think the funniest part of the pic are the two staff at the back... :p
I'm absolutely loving my new hairstyle! What do you think???
Overall, very satisfying dinner!
Together with a pot of tea, the bill came up to RM75.80, which is quite reasonable! :)

Thursday night out @ The Talk, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar
Oh yeah! Since it was a holiday on Friday, we continue with a second round!The Talk in Jalan Telawi is quite a unique place to have a sip of something. It's a Bar and Bistro serving liquor and Japanese food! I don't know about you, but I thought it was pretty funny to look at those Mat Sallehs sipping Hoegaarden while enjoying sushi with a pair of chopsticks!
Anywayz... Pictures for your pleasure... The bf was having an Orgasm... Like a real one???*cough~*
KH opted for Pina Colada.
Ricko tried out the Grasshopper!
Shirlexia had something she couldn't remember... Eh I wasn't drunk! That was without liquor!
Edamame as snacks, just like how Crayon Shinchan's parent love to do go with their beer!
Serious punya faces...
Gila punya faces...
We were all doing something else but KH is doing... Vibrated punya faces! LOL!
Eh, money! When are you returning our money???
I'm not normally a drinking kaki but once in a while some hang-outs at places like this feels really good! KH said the place is normally pretty cozy and quiet with some soft music on but we had a noisy night with some soft rock music on... So yea, didn't enjoy that so much. But I must say the atmosphere isn't too bad. And I love the fact that they serve Japanese food! :p

More to come, so stay tuned!

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