Saturday, May 8, 2010

33's Birthday @ Grumps, Plaza Kelana Jaya

Plaza Kelana Jaya is definitely quite a nice place to have food. Remember the Eat all you can Pasta at Louisiana? Grumps is actually located just next to it.Before everything, let me show you my piece of floral clothes I bought from Taiwan for less thant RM40!
It was Yap's suggestion that we dine in this restaurant to celebrate Shan Shan's birthday with some Pork Knuckles! Haha and Shan Shan actually was freaked out believing that pork knuckle is actually pork testicle! LOL! Those guys ah...Grumps from the outside...
A gang of people doing their own stunts...
Ket Hon kept saying he wants some Boobs! (the dish is actually called Kaboobs lar)
No prize for guessing who is the one with the ice lemon tea! :p
Anywayz, we first took the special promotion they are having. RM120 for two Crispy Pork Knuckles, a pizza of two choices and two jugs of Tiger beer. Yummy yet BLOODY sinful...
Our choice of pizza, Grumps Bacon Pizza.
All ready to nom nom nom nom...
I have not tried a real German Pork Knuckles before this but I reckon this one here wouldn't be the best one. Ah, well, they didn't mention it's a German one, so yea maybe it's different. I've seen bigger pork knuckles in a real German restaurant, so this one is actually pretty small. It was not too bad lar. The Grumps Bacon Pizza we had is so-so only.
Because it was definitely not enough for us, especially when we have 3 guys that night, we ordered more.Olio E Aglio with Prawn, RM18.90.
Chicken Diavola, RM18.90.
Pizza Marinara, RM26.90.
The Olio E Aglio with Prawn is pretty nice, the Chicken Diavola is something different compared to other chicken chops you usually see and I love the Pizza Marinara! I always love pizza with seafood. This one comes with fresh prawns, sotong and even either mussels or oyster (sorry lar, we cannot decide what was that)! Yumzzzz~! Nyum nyum nyum...
Seriously, Yap is really good in wallup-ing the pork knuckles...
Originally we ordered Cassata Napoletana and a Tiramisu Al Primavera as birthday cakes for 33, but in the end the Tiramisu was given to us FOC! Now that's what you call good PR! :p In fact, those waiters and waitresses actually line-up and came out singing birthday song for 33! Tiramisu Al Primavera, RM16.90, but we had it FOC! Yay~!
Cassata Napoletana, something like ice-cream cake, RM16.90.
Together with Service Charge and Government Tax, it all came up to a totla of RM222.20. We thought that is quite reasonable!
Overall, I think the food are quite good, although I would say, if you go to next door, the portion might be a little more bigger. But of course, you can also expect a higher price there lar. I definitely think it's a pretty good choice if you want fine-dining with a decent price with a cool lakeside view! :)


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