Monday, May 31, 2010

Catching up with XT @ Pasta de Gohan, Sunway Pyramid

One of my best mates, Xiao Ting was in town last week and we managed to have a little lunch catch-up despite her tight schedule. That was also the first time I met her new boyfriend, Kelvin.
Since we were all in Sunway Pyramid, I suggested that we try Pasta de Gohan.
Something like Pasta Zanmai, Pasta de Gohan served pasta cooked with Japanese recipe. The price is about the same. But I reckon Pasta de Gohan has more variety of flavours to choose from as compared to Pasta Zanmai. They have like dry ones, soup ones, white ones, red ones, green ones... So many it's hard for me to just choose one out of them! But of course Pasta Zanmai has more variety of nice side dishes to choose from.
So in the end, these are the food we had...XT's Cream Chicken & Mushroom Soup Spaghetti.
Kelvin's Doria Scallop & Chicken.
Shirlexia's(that's me!) Cream Prawn & Basil & York Spaghetti.
My deardo's Half & Half set where you can have two choices of pasta each in half a portion with soup and salad.
I actually picked this one... Cream Bacon & Spinach Soup Pasta.
Tom Cream Bacon & Cabbage.
And then we got a tiny little pizza of the day (Kimchi & Bacon) for RM2.
I must say my Cream Prawn & Basil & York Spaghetti is very nice. The gravy is nice while the prawns are fresh. I tried deardo's Half & Half Set's, the Tom Cream Bacon & Cabbage actually tastes really yummy! It's pretty unique with some sourish taste, but the Cream Bacon & Spinach Soup Pasta isn't good. I also don't fancy the Cream Corn Soup. I don't know about XT and Kelvin's ones, but what I would conclude is that you should opt for the dry or those with gravy only, the soup ones aren't worth a try. XT & Kelvin... Fresh from a new hair-cut! Same hairstylist as mine!
Shirlexia also fresh from a new hair-cut, but deardo... :p
After 15% discount (we just decided to sign up their membership card for RM10 and we are entitled to 15% discount on the total bill), the bill came up to RM121.80. Not too bad a price still. I would strongly recommend you to try this one, although I've heard people saying they still prefer Pasta Zanmai than Pasta de Gohan, but you should try before making the judgment. Don't ask me, I have no idea why we were being so serious in our pictures that day... We normally take funny and ugly pics!
By the way, great catch-up with Xiao Ting! I hope everything goes on smoothly with her and Kelvin and I can't wait to get your red bomb! :p


Hayley said...

Well, if i live in KL, i'm sure i'll gain weight very fast, i mean look at the food! they look so tempting! and i know KL has alot of varieties... hehe..

ShiRLeXia said...

Haha Hayley, you're right!
I was just talking to my cycling instructor at the gym and he agreed that KL has too many yummy food for us to explore!

diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...

nice blogie!nice catch up wif ya =)
my dear dear said cant simply release bomb later get caught as terrorist =P

ShiRLeXia said...

Tell you not to worry, Singaporean aren't famous for being terrorist lar! :p