Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lunch @ Soon Lok Restaurant

Last Sunday deardo's friend, Ket Weng suggested we have lunch at Soon Lok Restaurant in Puchong. I wasn't feeling very well and was a bit reluctant to go too far just for lunch... Turned out I'm so glad I followed! :pThe restaurant is famous with its crispy roasted duck and it is said to be very busy during weekdays' lunch hour!
For six of us, we ordered half a duck, some char siew and siu yok and a plate of vegetables (Yau Mak). I reckon it was a bit too little for the six of us, but yea, at least it satisfied my taste bud. Quality beat the quantity that day... :pSuper yummy Crispy Roasted Chicken!
Some Char Siew and Siu Yok...
Yau Mak... Sorry for the blurness... I was very blur that day...
You can order noodles in stead of rice too! Love that!
I had the oily rice... I know it doesn't look like oily rice but it tastes not bad, really!
The roasted duck's skin is indeed very crispy and I definitely love it! I think the char siew and siu yok are just so-so though. But with the oily rice and soup, plus the duck, I had a really satisfying lunch! Love it so much I felt so not enough I wanted to Tapao! Hahaha... Deardo promised to bring me there again and we will have half a duck for two of us next time! :p
Anywayz, together with drinks, it all came up to RM54.80. Not expensive at all too! :)

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