Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trying out new food in Taiping

Kong Xing Restaurant @ Pokok Assam
Mamo has this one whole gang of friends that are made up of mostly elderly people. They always have makan sessions whenever someone strike 4D or they will just go Dutch whenever they feel like having a meal together. This time around it was the go Dutch dinner.It was raining heavily so this is the best I can take from the car.
The fancy looking menu...
Kong Xing Restaurant, located next to 66 Restaurant, is a new restaurant opened up by brother of one of the gang members, so yea it was kinda dinner to show some support lor. And since Papo wasn't around that night, I went with Mamo to try out food at this quite good looking air-conditioned restaurant.
The auntie, who is the sister of the owner made the order and here are the food we had, without the proper names cos I was too lazy...Tangerine's Skin Chicken.
Some fried lotus roots with some other stuff.
Some deep fried prawns...
Deep Fried Eggplant with XO Sauce.
Ma Yao Fish with some special sauce.
Fried French Beans.
Sour & Spicy Fish Head Mihoon.
Basically as a new restaurant, they started out with very little items in their menu. For instance, there are only two types of green vege in the menu. And the auntie probably chose the wrong dishes cos they are all too dry to my liking. I love loads of gravy or soup with my rice. The Lotus Root dish is not bad. The Deep Fried Eggplant with XO Sauce is not bad too but I reckon the one I had in Lemon Tree is much better. The Sour & Spicy Fish Head Mihoon is my favourite and I think it's definitely a must if you are a fan of Sour & Spicy food. The rest are just really so-so. And to me, the portion is a bit too small lar. The gang of aunties and uncles I had dinner with...
Together with rice and tea for 10 of us, the bill came up to RM151, which is still not too bad for people like me who is living in the expensive KL city. But there are definitely needs to improve in terms of taste, variety and time of waiting for the food to be served.

Tops Thai Tom Yam @ Taiping Town
Thanks to Hayley, who with her colleagues are fans of this Thai restaurant, I finally brought Mamo to this restaurant that she always wanted to try but was always turned down by Papo, for a belated Mother's Day treat.Oh by the way, the restaurant is already 7 years old, not new at all, but that was the first time we stepped our foot into the restaurant.
The restaurant looks very simple with the two old owners serving us... Too friendlily(oh there's such word!)... We ordered three dishes to share.Every table has this lotus flower...
Tom Yam Seafood, portion for one person.
The very nice Glass Noodles Salad.
Pandan Chicken.
I think the Seafood Tom Yam is thick and nice, but not the best Tom Yam I've tried. The Glass Noodle Salad is really nice with surprisingly quite a lot of shrimps and squids in it. My favourite would be the Pandan Chicken, which has a really nice scent from the pandan leaves and spices they used. We actually also tried the Crispy Chesnut Coconut Dessert but I really had better one and cold one in KL. I think Mamo enjoyed the meal too!
Together with drinks and rice, I paid RM38.50 for the lunch. Not too bad actually. Haha, but watch out for the overly friendly owners! I think they were really excited that I was there with my camera and they just took my camera and say:"Come, I help you guys take a pic, go stand next to the statue, very nice one!" So this is the blurred pic taken by the uncle...Uncle... Why so blur one????
==||| right?
Luckily I have one nice one taken by myself...HAPPY BELATED MOTHER'S DAY, MAMO!!!

Till then, most likely I'll see you again in KL! :)


viviantan-yan said...

haha! heard from mamo the 'kong xing' restaurant before too... next time I gonna try! cute pics!!~~

ShiRLeXia said...

Ok ok only wor the food...

Hayley said...

Yea finally you tried Top Thai!

i dint aware of the new restaurant in Pokok Assam leh... but the food look presentable. may give it a try one day..

ShiRLeXia said...

Yeap, and I'm quite happy with the food at Top Thai!

Yeap the restaurant and the food looks presentable. Yea should go for a try!

Anonymous said...

Wah I was doing my assignment with my frens then I randomly clicked on your blog then see so many nice food pics!! My fav Chu Cheong and Loi Cha... How i miss the food...make me so hungry now... nice pics Biao Jie :)

ShiRLeXia said...

Is this Eu Jin ah???
Come back lor in the coming break!