Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Food I (probably) won't get to eat when the bf is around...

I have to put 'probably' because the bf would defend himself by saying: Hey who say? I can accompany you to eat if you want too! So yea...
There are some food that the bf, or probably guys in general hate. And I got to have some of them when I was back in Taiping. It was like wow~ What a relief!!! :p

1) Porridge
Is it my deardo or is it all guys are like this? He hates porridge so much that the only time he really rejected the food I cooked was the time I made porridge for him when he was sick... I even cried because of that since I've put a lot of effort in it!
Anywayz, true to my Teochew root, I'm a HUGE fan of porridge. Be it the watery Teochew porridge or the thicker Cantonese Porridge, I can sapu them all! Doing Mamo's friend's son a favour... Newly opened opposite Taiping Hawker Center.
Ooooh yeaaaahhhh... Teochew porridge finally!!! :D
Pig Stomach, or intestines, or whatever you call it... You know what I mean...
Mamo made me some seafood porridge one night with fish, prawns, dried scallop and crab sticks... Super yummilicios~~!!!
Mamo's signature chicken porridge! I would name this super-yummy-no-one-can-beat chicken porridge! Hehehe...:p
And by the way, porridge is good if you are on a diet plan. Many years ago I read that Liza Wong 汪明荃eats plain porridge to maintain her figure!

2) Loi Cha Fun 雷茶饭
A Hakka delicacy, I've tried Loi Cha Fun at Mid Valley's old food court before and I definitely love the fact that there are loads of vege and peanuts in it! Although the Loi Cha tastes a bit 'too green', but I love it! To me, it's something that is yummy and healthy!
In Taiping, Mamo said the best one is this one at Tai O~Yum yum yum~~~!

3) Bitter Gourd
Okay, I admit even girls hate bitter gourd. In fact, the bf has a good reason why he doesn't eat bitter gourd... His mum hates it too, so she never cooked that for them.
I used to hate them when I was a kid too but as I grew older, I started to become a fan of bitter gourd, especially when they are cooked with black beans and chicken! Wow~ Superb man! Mamo makes very nice bitter gourd dish too! :D
Mamo said bitter gourd is really good in detoxing and to lower body heat! Well, what can I say? Healthy food most of the time aren't very yummy~!

Bonus Pic 1: Papo's funky t-shirt...Looks like Papo has learned it from me, we both love funky t-shirts!
By the way Papo, how many girlfriends do you have? :p

Bonus Pic 2: Notice found at Larut Matang's Hawker CentreI think the funniest part are "must on time take medicine and injection" and "Please bring it back, I'll give you money!".....==|||
Make sure you on time give me money ok???


Hayley said...

Oh the porridge stall i know, mostly are quite full whenever i passed by...
as for the lei cha, it's my favourite!

Lay JinG said...

hehe ... I don't like lei cha =P but love the porridge and bitter gourd.
Ur father rock! Haha ... my father never wear T shirts with those word, he ban :)

ShiRLeXia said...

Hayley, it's pretty nice hey, you should try!
Yeap Hayley I think it's not too bad too! :)

Lay Jing, I know Lei Cha is not something that everybody can accept lar.
Hahaha well my Papo can still accept this kinda stuff lar.:p

viviantan-yan said...

you posted the same picture of the dog notice with my friend in her blog! haha!!!

ShiRLeXia said...

Oh really?
I guess that notice has become very famous liao then...
Don't know if that person has found the dog 'on time' and 'give people money' bo??? :p

WCL said...

Very the UNINTERESTING POST! Ewwwww~~~

ShiRLeXia said...

Oi you! Didn't you see my friends said they like those food?