Thursday, May 20, 2010


Finally~! Finally I watched this musical-cum-movie!
The director, Rob Marshall is the same director who gave me goose bumps years ago watching his amazing Chicago. I actually think Nine is somehow quite the same as Chicago, both very women kinda movies.
I love the idea of the story, although it seems to have end without a huge climax. But it's a musical lar, one should pay more attention on the music and performances, and... costumes! Well I pretty much enjoyed the music and performances, especially those with Penelope Cruz, Fergie and Kate Hudson. I enjoyed their performances as I can see there are hard work done in their performances, including the stage design, choreography, costumes, etc. But I think I'm most amazed with the cinematography, you guys should check it out, the whole movie is shot so beautifully with perfect lighting and all... Simply beautiful!
Since it's a musical, most of the acting are a bit exaggerating lar. But seriously, Penelope Cruz rocks! Again! She is so cute and funny! I think the only reason she lost the Oscar's Best Supporting Actress award is that the character is too similar to the one in Vicky Cristina Barcelona (in which she won an Oscar last year), both very siao one and she is always so good in playing that kinda role! LOL! I JUST LOVE HER!!!
To me this movie is not the best musical I've watched, but not too bad.


LayJinG said...

Haven't watch this musical :(

ShiRLeXia said...

Well I can see you're pretty busy recently... :(