Thursday, May 6, 2010

Julie & Julia

I've just finished watching Julie & Julia and I'm so eager to post my thought about the movie up right after I finished the movie!
It's such a great movie! The story is so unique and it inspires me so much! I mean, it's all about food, cooking and writing, almost every single thing in the storyline connects to me! I couldn't help, really couldn't help but cried like a baby when both Julie and Julia finally succeeded in publishing her book and getting recognition for her blog! I can literally feel what they felt like! I also love the fact that both husbands are supportive towards their wives' ambition! Oh... Such a brilliant movie that made me smile, laugh out loud and cried so badly! I can still hear the cute music playing in my head now while I'm typing this! :)
Meryl Streep is once again, fantastic! I always love her whenever she is in a comedy or not-so-serious kinda movie. I cannot understand how come she can be so naturally funny and fun to watch at such an age! Ha! LOVE MERYL STREEP!!! Amy Adams is not too bad too! Love her especially when she went crazy whenever there is a 'meltdown'!
See, I always say this, movies based on true stories always work better in connecting to the audience! Tell me am I right? :p
Now go watch this one!!!


Lay JinG said...

Yeah! give me 5! Feel so great after watched this movie, its cheers me up.. dunno how to express the real feeling, just can said its awesome!

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea man, I just feel really great after watching it!!!