Thursday, August 4, 2011


It's a bit outdated but I couldn't stop myself from writing something about this.
Guess by now many of you have seen and know what happened to the brilliant Ramadhan ad 8TV has came up with, and within 3 hours time had to take it down.
Yes the people who produced and approved this ad are truly genius, but what pissed me off more is what the CEO of Media Prima Ahmad Izham Omar tweetted on his Twitter...Now someone better give me some ice to chill... *fan fan fan~~~*

It should be just a simple Ramadhan ad to wish all our Muslim friends Happy Berpuasa. They have to give us Chinese a good lesson on how to lepak, wear and act in a Ramadhan market. Whoever brainless creatures who made and approved the ad, I congratulate you but seriously, living in Malaysia, going to schools in Malaysia, having different races of neighbours for so many years have taught us enough how to behave. I DO NOT NEED SUCH STUPID AD TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!
I was thinking... Maybe we should all boycott that TV station and let it goes bankrupt but then hey I have some innocent friends working in there! Oh well, since the CEO already apologized and since I don't watch that much of TV anywayz... Bet my mum will be very sad to miss her Hokkien series on 8TV too... :p


Hayley said...

I heard about this but dint have the chance to watch it, sigh, it was being taken down =_=

LayJinG said...

Just watch the ad online today (super outdated =P). Haha... my mum is big fans of their hokkien series too, so we cannot ban this TV station.

ShiRLeXia said...

Hayley, did you try the link I put in my blog post? That also taken down? It's a horrible ad.

Lay Jing, haha we always share the same views, now even our mums have same interest! :p

Hayley said...

Shirlexia, I've watched the snippets. I am pissed off! Totally understand how you feel!
The 'message' they wanna convey is very clear right?! First, asking a chi**** gal to be the 'star'. Then, who the hell would scream and shout like that in the public? Oh I better dont comment so much now, cause I gotto go get a proper baju kurung alike in order to go the market!!

ShiRLeXia said...

Hahahaha... I like you sense of humour Hayley! :D
Those people who made this ad really need some restructuring of his/her brains!