Monday, August 1, 2011

Love her or hate her

Girls being girls, they hate girls who are pretty, they hate girls who are sexy, they hate girls who got too much of attentions, they hate girls who are dating their dream guys... And all that apply to not only their friends but also people they don't know personally, e.g. celebrities.
I have this little idea out of the blue actually. I thought of some female celebrities who are very famous but it's like you either love them like crazy or you hate them to the max. And I've came up with a list of them. A very short one cos I'm lazy... :p

1) Lady GagaMind you, this is one of my favourite Gaga's outfits! Gaga woolala...
Her music, her music videos, her image, her clothes, her hair deco... All so weird! I have a colleague who once told me this:"I like her songs but I really cannot accept the way she dresses!"
True, her fashion sense probably makes more headlines than her music but well don't you also agree that her songs are often very catchy too! Admit it that her music are fantastic!
I don't know about you, but I AM TRULY A FAN OF LADY GAGA!!! Like inside out! Both music and fashion, and any other thing, really! She just wanted to make herself unforgettable among the public, hence the image. And don't forget, she has the talent, not like she is just parading her body with daring clothes for fun okay!

2) Megan FoxWhat will she transform into after Transformer???
She is pretty and sexy but girls may simply tag her as 'slut'. She can't really act but that doesn't really matter. Her sexy appearances in movies are enough to make her loads of money.
I'm quite neutral on this one. I do admire her long legs and body but I don't think she is pretty at all, nor does she know how to act.
Buy hey do you remember what movies did she star in? Transformer, Transformer, and Transformer?

3) Angelina JolieEeee... Menyampah aku tengok muka dia!!! Ish...*pui pui pui~~~*
Simply do a quick search on the celebrity you hate the most, I can assure you Angelina Jolie is one of the most frequent name you will find.
Guys worship her like god. Sexy lips body and tattoo plus the pretty face and all the missionary work that she is doing... Oh doesn't she sound so perfect? Oh f**k her!
I'm sorry I'm really not a fan... Not ever since she took Brad Pitt away from Jennifer Aniston and ruined their marriage. One of the forumers called her 'home wrecker' and I think there is nothing more appropriate than that to call this slut.
Yes, tell me about it. I hate her so much that you better make sure you don't let me go near her!!! I will pullherhairslashherfacespitonher....*Aaaarrrhhhh~~~*

4) Scarlet JohanssonBig boobs+big ass=Scarlet Johansson
She has this classic beauty look and that curvy body that she herself is constantly proud of. To top that up she is bloody talented. At 26, she has already won numerous awards for her outstanding acting.
But girls like Ducum hates her. She doesn't think she is attractive and she once had her favourite actor, Ryan Reynolds as her husband. So yea.
I think she is ok. I respect her the most for her stand on her curvy body rather than going for a bamboo body like most celebrities adore. People should learn to love their own bodies more!

5) Taylor SwiftAnd I always think her make-up are too much. Don't know how does her skin really looks like under those make-up.
She sings sweet (too sweet) songs, she uses her charm and beauty (or what you guys call it) to get really cute guys like Joe Jonas, Taylor Launter and Jake Gyllenhaal... Do you really like her though?
I don't. I never really think she is pretty. And her songs are too cheesy to my liking! Like eiyer... Sounds so little girl trying to act naive and all that when you know she is not-so-naive. I mean, the list of guys she has dated are solid proof okay!

6) Victoria BeckhamWith her signature tight outfit.
Ohyea, she is a hot mama married to the guy we all once hope he was ours. As an ex-Spice Girls, she definitely cannot sing. Yet she is so freaking famous and rich! She has received so many criticism for being so skinny and so on but who cares? He has a cute hubby and 4 pretty kids!
But then... I'm a fan of her since Spice Girls era! I always think she is so bloody cool and forget about those days when she had to act cute for being a member of a girl band, I LOVE HER COOL FASHION!!! And being a David Beckham's fan, I have no objection to have my idol marrying my idol!
The question is, are they really going to stay as husband and wife forever or...

Some others like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Bai Ling, Miley Cyrus and Gwyneth Paltrow are quite familiar with hatred from girls.

So what do you want to say about these hollywood stars? And who else do you think should be in the list?

*All pictures credit to Associate Press.


Hayley said...

Hehehe, I actually have no negative comments about these 6 female celebrities whom you blogged~

ShiRLeXia said...

Ahhh... I don't hate them all too! Just saying a lot of people hate them lar...