Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tokyo Street & its yummy lunch @ Suki-Ya

Even though I might have other things to share, I chose to blog about the Tokyo Street first because I think to many, it is chic to visit that new place in Pavilion. So, being kiasu, I can now proudly say:"I'VE BEEN TO TOKYO STREET ALREADY!!!" :pNot the real Tokyo but people are so excited some had to queue-up just to take pictures!
Of course, that includes us!
Nah, this is the spot where you really have to wait for your turn to stand and snap a pic!
Well, Tokyo Street has some shops and brands that you already know such as Daiso and Kindori Ice-Cream, together with some new brands, including a bubble tea and mochi stall! OMG I just missed the mochi, must go back and try one day! It is not as fancy as I've expected since you've probably seen most of the stuff on sale there, but yeah it's a good change and it has certainly succeeded in attracting the crowd! Yeah, we realised we forgot to claim our chance to share our wishes to try our luck to win a trip!
The 'Tokyo Street'...
Yeah, the 'Tokyo washroom'. LOL!
Well of course dining wise, the restaurants and cafes are all brand new names. But honestly, it is not difficult to figure out which ones are the crowd's favourite. One's the Hokkaido Santouka Ramen that KY has already introduced and I always wonder if it is because of his recommendation that the restaurant is so freaking busy! The queue seems to be never-ending! But Deardo being Deardo, prefer to go by quantity. So we chose the second most famous restaurant, Suki-Ya Eat all you can Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu, which is right next to the ramen shop. How the restaurant looks like at 11.30am.
The buffet costs RM29.80 per person and you get free flow of thinly sliced lamb, beef and chicken meat, plus a 'healthy bar' where you can get tofu, vege, variety of mushrooms, yong tofu etc to add into your Shabu Shabu pot. Also, there is an ice-cream machine for some free flow ice-cream too!He better make sure he is amaze by the soup, not the auntie!
The little healthy bar where kiasu Malaysians go crazy fighting for their food!
They have three choices of soup bases - clear soup, bean paste and spicy (ok I created the names according to my memory). We chose the clear soup and bean paste soup and we obviously still prefer the clear soup. Most of the vege and mushrooms were very fresh and nice but the main thing, which is the meat are also very impressive! We both love the lamb the most! They don't have the smelly lamb smell that you always get with lamb and you can taste how fresh and how nicely-cut they are! Simply delicious that we wallup three plates of it! Ah, together with three plates of beef, we told ourselves our cholesterol level is now high enough for some extra work-outs! :pVery excited about the meat lor!!!
I think by now you already realised how much I love steamboat!
Okay, was just really in a mood for pictures I think.
We totally fell in love with the Misotare Sauce on the right! Spicy, sweet, salty and nutty! Yumzzz...
I was very excited about having my first scoop of ice-cream after months! Bloody cough worms...
We truly enjoyed the buffet and some of their staff were quite helpful and friendly. And with that price, if you have more of the meat, it is actually quite worth it! The only down side was that we were very unfortunate to be seated near a Cina-pek family who talk and sneeze loudly and their spoiled kids just made it worst! Gaahhh... Cannot tahan those people! Worst, outside, the DJ was announcing all kinda promotion the grocery shop is having... Spoiled the whole atmosphere!!! This is how the restaurant looks like at about 1.30pm.
The queue at Suki-Ya can be very bad too, though not as bad as the one next door. But yea, you better be there earlier! They open at 11.30am for lunch and 5pm for dinner.

Tokyo Street
Level 6, Pavilion KL.
Tel: 03-2141 4272

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