Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Din Tai Fung vs Steam Room

I thought these two restaurants are quite similar to Dragon-i, so perhaps it should be Din Tai Fung vs Steam Room vs Dragon-i.

Din Tai Fung @ Empire Subang
Din Tai Fung is a very famous restaurant globally. I've heard about their Xiao Long Bao in Taipei being bloody yummy so since it has landed in Empire Subang, Deardo and I went immediately to have a try.We ordered the large Xiao Long Bao (8 pieces) at RM10.80 or RM11.80 (sorry I can't remember the price) to share. The Xiao Long Bao, slightly cheaper and more amount than Dragon-i, were quite tasty. Although I can't really tell which restaurant has the best Xiao Long Bao, the price does make a difference.Smaller and cuter-looking Xiao Long Bao!
They very yummy Pork Chop Fried Rice.
Very simple-looking Shrimp Wanton Mee Soup Ramen.
Deardo also ordered the Pork Chop Fried Rice for himself and I had the Shrimp Wanton Soup Ramen as a lighter option. Deardo made a right choice as the Fried Rice was really well-fried, can even taste the smell of the hot fire they use to fry the rice. And the pork chop was very tender and yummy. My Ramen was ok lar, not fantastic. There aren't too many choices anywayz. Cool and clean design at Din Tai Fung. Model: Deardo Wong, Shirlexia's modeling. :p
Overall, Din Tai Fung's menu is a little too limited in terms of choices as compared to places like Dragon-i. Not sure if it is because it is still new or whatever reason. Price for their vegetables and main dishes are a bit pricey to me, that was why we refused to order any other side dishes. I like the Xiao Long Bao and the Pork Chop Fried Rice though. Just the matter of price and choices that might stop us from visiting it too often.

Din Tai Fung @ Empire Subang
G15, Ground Floor,
Empire Subang
Jalan 16/1, SS 16
Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-5022 2522

Steam Room @ Sunway Giza
Here's a restaurant we randomly picked at Sunway Giza. No Xiao Long Bao, but loads of steamed soup, steamed rice and Dim Sums. The name tells it all, almost everything are steamed dishes. Healthier I guess! :)I love their variety of steamed rice! Besides the typical steamed chicken with Chinese sausages, there are so many other choices to choose from! Definitely something new to us! So Deardo ordered the Steamed Chicken with Minced Ginger Rice and I had the Steamed Pork with Cuttlefish Rice. We also ordered a Steamed Ginseng Chicken Soup to share.Our Steamed Ginseng Chicken Soup at RM11.80.
Steamed Pork with Cuttlefish Rice at RM12.80.
Steamed Chicken with Minced Ginger at RM12.80.
We think both steamed rice were good, except for the fact that I cannot really taste any cuttlefish in my steam pork lar. The soup was really good, can even taste the bitterness of the Ginseng! Us and see what's behind Deardo Wong? The bamboo-made steam basket for Dim Sum as part of their deco!
The price was reasonable and I love the entire interior design of the restaurant.
Next time around, I want to try their Dim Sums too!

Steam Room @ Sunway Giza
Block C-8-G
Sunway Giza 2
Jalan PJU 6/14
Kota Damansara
47810 Selangor


Anonymous said...

Din Tai Fung sure win larr...

ShiRLeXia said...

Yeah but more expensive also right???