Monday, August 15, 2011


Watched this over the weekend just because I wanted something light to watch. I promise I'll watch The Rise of the Planet of the Apes after this!
So obviously I didn't bring high hopes, thinking this could be just another Ace Ventura or The Animal. Totally nothing but lame jokes through stupid facial expressions and body languages. Yes, it has some stupid facial expression and body languages, but surprisingly the entire story wasn't that stupid. In stead of a lot of imitation of the animals, there are story behind the animals and some fun and interesting love story that actually made the movie a little more unforgettable. Deardo and I both have our favourite part of the movie in when Griffin brings the Gorilla out to T.G.I.F! Ha, I especially love the singing in the car part! So bloody cute~!!! :D
Acting wise, nothing really challenging lar I must say. I was a bit disappointed with Ken Jeong's useless character in the movie and I think all other actors are also quite forgettable, except for maybe Leslie Bibb, who is unforgettable for a wrong reason. The voices also didn't excite me much as I think their voices aren't obvious enough. You know the feeling when you hear the animal or cartoon character says something you would go hey that's XXX or this voice sounds familiar? Honestly, without looking at the list of names, I didn't even know Sylvester Stallone and Cher shared their voices in the movie! Quite sad, right?
It is not good enough to be a good movie, but definitely not qualified to be a bad movie.

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